Thunderball Fists bonus projectile

So, the TBall Fists, if you don’t know, shoots a shock bullet that on impact fires a second projectile directly in the air that then comes down and explodes.

I’ve only used it on Amara, but, I’ve noticed that the second projectile takes on the skill boost of Personal space based on when IT blows. So. If a bullet from 10 feet does 100. And a bullet point blank does 136 then firing from ten feet causes a 100 damage hit. Then if you get right up in it, the second projectile does 136.

Repercussions: if this caries on as such, we might be able to fire a bunch off with Zane and then zoom away and get full speed damage boosts? Haven’t tried it. Or fire a bunch and pop into Fade Away and get crit damage? Tests to come!


I’ve been using the TBaller on Moze just because I like the effect, but would be nice to use it in a dedicated build somehow.

you can probably use the tball fists w/ the transformer to heal yourself. Should work on any character

Fire in the Skag Den. Torgue cross promotion. Other splash boosts. Mindsweeper. Experimental Munitions. Transformer Shield. Elemental projector. Crits and splash will break shields and then burn flesh. You can catch a meaningless shock dot while wearing the transformer. Just stay “in the crap” as Ellie says

*have not got one for my Moze, so only hoping it’s splash does fire

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