Thunderball Fists rips Guardians

I haven’t seen any talk about this legendary pistol so far. I have used it in farming to take down shields and its secondary attack can be killer, but today I took it on my TVHM run through the vault to kill Tyreen. We all know that Vault Guardians are weak to Shock. This gun is an accurate semi-auto with a strong shock secondary effect. As such, it seems to shred vault guardians very nicely from a good distance. The slower semi-auto may be a problem in some situations, but it takes down shields quickly and will remain a part of my standard Amara loadout.

Any shock weapon will shred them. The Thunderball Fists is a shell of it’s former self. If the Thunderball Fists impresses you, try an AAA.

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Think Amara makes most shock weapons better with her extra shock damage, triple A is one of my favourites too, strips shields, fast reloading and accurate

I haven’t found a AAA as yet, but it looks very good for general purposes and particularly at higher Mayhem levels. I never found the Thunderball Fists in BL2, so I can’t speak to that. Specifically for dealing with Guardians in TVHM M1, this gun is capable of killing most guardians with one shot and that saves ammo that you may need for another pistol.

It’s exceptional for enemies that don’t move around much…

the AAA is super fast with a decent mag size.

What platform are you on ? I have a spare one there if you would like it

I’m on PC. Still collecting my loadout, but it is slow going.

I’m on ps4 im sure you will find one soon though on your travels :+1:

That is why it works well for Guardians. They often move slowly and you can hit them from across a big room as they spawn in.

Just wish the pellet speed was a little faster, but still one of my favs.

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Don’t know if it’s been fixed since, but last I heard, Tempest didn’t actually give that extra bonus to shock

Shreds kata balls shields too, literally 2 mags and it’s down.

I was happy to see the Fists back, always felt it was an under appreciated gun in BL2.

I use it to bust boss shields, since many bosses don’t move around all that much. Works very well.

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Thats a first for me, I have never known tempest not to be working, where did you hear this and when ? Is it recent

To clarify, I was told that Tempest works, but, that shock only gets the original boost. Not the extra “shock gets this” boost. It’s been a while though since I saw that. So I can’t confirm.

Cool so :+1: disaster averted

it has a quick fire rate & reload. All my VHs have one in their loadout.

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