Thunderball Fists

Is anyone else around here actually using this gun? I pulled a Punctilious Thunderball Fists 2-3 weeks ago, and I’ve been using it very, very heavily since then with Maya, Axton, and Sal. I know the knock is that it’s shock only, but after really running it hard, I have no idea why this thing isn’t considered right up there with the ‘1B’ weapon choices in this game. Sure, we give up extra damage from matching elements, but +100%/+150% splash and aoe? WOW.

I love smashing groups or crushing enemies who are trying to hide behind things. Interestingly, it even demolishes Surveyors.


Heck yeah - even without the shock orbs, it’s got huge shock damage.

I’d guess because it’s a pistol? The weakest weapon type I think, the only pistols widely used are the ones with OP red text or Vladof ones for Bee amp delivery. Yes, good stats, splash damage or whatever, but it doesn’t fire off 7(14) pellets of high damage, don’t have have 800% critical hit modifier, neither is Fibber tier… Idk.

what are you talking about? the pistols in this game are crazy! not only are the red text ones some of the most powerful weapons in the entire game, the non-uniques are really good. A good anarchist is competitive DPS wise with some of the best pistols on most charecters, Torgue pistols are obsence, a Jakobs pistol can out DPS just about any other gun in the right hands, the only “weak” guns are probably maliwan pistols, just because their mags are so shallow, and tediore, because they are generaly bad outside of chucking builds.

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I love a good Fisting…of the…Thunderball variety…to my enemy’s face.

I should edit this for taste, class and I will…one day. Probably not.


I have used it a lot with LBT Gaige. It wrecks with Electrical Burn!

What ?

I would take Pistols before ARs and SMGs. Not only pistols are very good on their own, but they have access to arguably the best relic in the game in the Sheriff’s badge.

Jakobs pistols are good, so are Vladof (with or without the Bee) and Torgue.

If the T-Ball fist isn’t used that much, it’s because it’s shock, and matching elements is just too good to pass up.

That’s true of almost every weapon type. Most guns that are widely used are red text. There are a couple good combinations of parts in purple or blue for each type (some have more than others) but pistols aren’t worse off than others.


Just going to add that the other reason you don’t see many T-balls, is that it’s up there with the skullmasher for the most obnoxiuos farm in the game.


I love it in general- even on OP8 it can take down low level fleshy enemies- skag pups, low level bullymongs, your typical bandit, etc. Buff it with the right relic, slag and skills and it’s one of the best shield strippers and all around DPS weapons in the game…

It’s actually a very convenient farm with the Craw DLC. Most classes can make an uninterrupted run straight to Sparky and down him in seconds.

As far as not matching elements goes…

Giving up 75% for +100%/+150% neutral is a very fair trade to me! I’ve been using it as my main gun on Peak runs and laughing. Dukino’s Mom is unimpressed (her shock balls are bigger) and a few Spiderant types shrug it off, but it destroys most everything there. I’d pencil this in with the Twister and Storm Front as “who cares that it’s shock only” items.

Specific fun tricks:

  • staggering rushers to buy time
  • popping barrels or bad guys behind cover
  • bang bang Y-Grog, Y-back for heals while still killing
  • at Scorches, bursting a Scorch to draw surveyors, swap to Fists, toss magic missile, spam Fists. Popcorn! (And similar shenanigans)
  • Thought Lock a runner, watch it rush other bad guys, spam Fists!
  • Save action skills! Just toss MMs and you’ll 1-2 shot most slagged enemies
  • head shots with celebratory fireworks!

oh, right, I forgot they did that.

So what is the most sought after prefix?

I’d think mag size, damage, and fire rate would be the wins. Binary wouldn’t be necessary and would probably reduce ammunition efficiency enough to be a poor choice.

Maybe I’ll farm more for fun comparisons!

I can get behind mag size and damage, I think FR would be a lot better if the gun had a bigger mag, as it stands you empty it pretty fast anyway

I guess I’ll see if sparky is in the giving mood

Just re-tested the gun because of that thread, and it’s much better than I remembered, especially on Gaige.

I happen to have a Binary one, and I can tell you that it’s really not that great. Ball damage is based on gun damage, so an accessory that reduces damage is not that great. It also slows fire rate down.

I would go for matching grip and either potent or expeditious prefix.

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With Maya:

Foresight is great for this gun. It gets Reaper, Wreck, and Accelerate boosts. It can crit, so people who bubble (as opposed to TL) can get 1-2 shot kills with ease. With TL, the enemies run straight at each other, so I’ve had a lot of situations where 3 shots = 4 dead, etc. It can get Chain Reaction, which is flat out funny. With Cloudkill, this gun becomes pure comedy.

It also loves shield skills for Bee use. /whistle

The TB Fist is arguably one of my favorite weapons in the game when used with Anarchy. Having 5 points in “The Nth Degree” as well as “Close Enough” makes this gun a constant high DPS weapon. It has insane scaling with Anarchy stacks and you don’t even have to aim. It doesn’t hurt to use a Bee shield either.

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It’s one of my favourite weapons in the game. It strips shields like no other and can take down a lot of different enemy types. The only downside is close quarters use as it can kill you easily.

I’ve never understood why it doesn’t seem to get the love I feel it deserves. It’s also tremendous fun to use to boot!


I do. :smile: Quite often actually. I like to use the BotA relic for additional shock damage and the cooldown buff is welcomed. it’s “at the moment” my primary weapon on my Maya. I am playing with a shock specific build for her. Been having a blast with it.

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