Thx GBX - MH4 is wonderful compared to MH3 + Why I feel MH4 is not too 'Bullet Spongy'

First I want to thank Gearbox for listening to the community. The random modifiers ruining our builds were something that a lot of players despised. Many of us wanted a challenge, we wanted difficulty but we also wanted to be able to play without our builds being nullified, or without suddenly becoming super-humans based on a RNG roll.

Their answer was MH4. I feel like it hit the mark pretty dang well! A lot of people are saying it’s too “bullet spongy” but I feel like that just shows that a lot of people weren’t ready for the higher difficulties and MH3’s randomness was hiding that fact.

If you are well geared, and have a somewhat synergistic build, then M4 feels like it’s in a pretty good spot as an end-game difficulty mode in my opinion. Being well geared and having a synergistic build is something in my mind that should be required to play the highest difficulty. And now it is, previously people just re-rolled modifiers on MH3 if they found it too hard to play, completely nullifying the whole purpose of it.

I’ve spent some time doing a lot of bossing mostly but also regular mobbing. I can’t really find anything that feels too bullet spongy. Everything seems to die at a reasonable rate depending on how hard of a mob it is in the first place. ie Anointed/triplebar hardened badasses take longer then regular mobs which still die very quick. But for me I’ve not noticed anything being too hard to kill. A lot of bosses are still complete pushovers, the regular offenders, while some of the beefier bosses now provide some challenge to beat which makes the fight actually fun and rewarding compared to killing every single boss in 5 seconds or less on the hardest difficulty(mh3).

Words are cheap so I spent a bit of time recording some various gameplay to show what I experience when I throw on MH4. I’m going to share 2 videos. In the first video I take Fl4k and Zane and use various -unconventional- builds to kill a bunch of bosses and a few rare spawn enemies. In the second video I take a Rakk build I haven’t played since before MH4 was introduced with a build I have not changed into Anvil and do some mobbing with him.

What you will see in the boss video is that some bosses are still too easy (looking at you GW/Gigamind) while some of the beefier bosses now provide a challenging but totally doable fight which ends up being so much more fun then they ever were(looking at you Rampager/General Traunt). Some of the kills are quite sloppy and could be done a lot better, but I digress.

What you will see in the Anvil mobbing video is me playing horribly, using a non-optimal Jakobs only build, displaying some of my worst aiming I’ve ever performed and still killing different Anointed at a reasonable rate (save for some of the more silly mechanics prolonging the fights). I go up against 2 Zealots, a Tink and Militant as anointed enemies. A couple hardened badasses in the mix (Tink). You will see that not a single mob takes an unreasonable about of bullets to kill.




Love the post, tag me when the videos uploaded aren’t the same one </3

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Sorry not sure how that happened - fixed.


Good videos, I’m a bit sad you couldn’t do one without terror gear - as that’ll be the thing they point out they don’t want to play with/that carries your character through their weak points. Specially after Dec 5th when everyone is going to say they can’t get the gear anymore…

If you’re going to say “hard isn’t hard I can do it so can you” there should be an effort put forth to actually show anyone can do it.


Thanks for videos.

I’d love to see your current solo gameplay on the takedown, and show the difference between Mayhem 3 and 4. There are new loot drops in this map at Mayhem.

I’m currently working at TVHM MM2 on my FL4K build. But mostly using it as an opportunity to test weapons without Guardian Ranks and look at synergistic options clearly. Which is a feature I’d like to be able to toggle. The MM4 patch was a bit of a shock at first, and it definitely has issues. But I think your approach is interesting, as it’s a case of use your time wisely until the next raffle-ruffle…

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Most of my builds are just based around terror because I like using it. Some of them aren’t using it though in the bossing videos, mostly Zane builds and the Crushjaw kill with Fl4k(this is an old build with no anointed gear). I’m confident I could do the same stuff without terror though.

Watching your videos I can tell you could do it, but proving your point to folks who don’t want to recognize it is a different story.

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I tried for many hours to beat it on Fl4k with my Gamma Burst build. I can now regularly get to the Valkyries but I can’t pass them yet. I do plan on trying to work out a Zane build that might be able to pull it off, but I don’t expect to be able to beat 4 man content in the hardest difficulty in the first place. Maybe I’ll do it on a lower Mayhem though and if I do I’ll definitely record it.


See that’s the thing, if you read my topic that’s the opposite of what I say. What I say is that yes it’s hard, but rightly so and that you should be ready for it(build/gear) if you want to play it.


I’ve dont it in M3 with zane, using double scourge, one corrosive not anointed and one non elemental with 130% digiclone anointed, face puncher on clone for ammo regen, omniloader for reloading both scourge.
Relic was curtpurse with 40% mag size, so you can shot 2 times with scourge.

The problem is not M4, the problem is that the classes are too different in terms of dps and gear dependant level. Zane requires a perfect roll like on any weapon and gear.


M4 is maybe a challenge… but it’s NOT increased difficulty…

it’s lazy ass developing… mayhem is crap… was crap then and is crap now…

appart from the increased loot chance i have 0 incentive to actualy enable M4… the game is still boring AF… M4 makes this even worse as you spend more time shooting the same thing…

bosses don’t even feel harder…

so yes, it’s just too bullet spongy… -> lazy crap

i still use a level 47 BLUE weapong in TVHM M4… and still kicks ass… and yes, i’m playing zane…

only time i die is because i’m outnumberd 50 to 1… because i litteraly cannot take cover ANYWHERE… and that doesn’t happen to much as 9/10 times i just kill my clone (wich is up again within seconds)

i have far from perfect rolls… and the game is just boring me to death… played BL2 yesterday and had more fun and it was harder then anything this game trows at me…


Can’t agree. When you fight a beefy boss like Rampager, General Traunt, Agonizer 9k etc and they actually take some time to kill then what you find is that you actually have to then learn their mechanics and how to avoid them to not die because they actually get to use them against you. That = harder by every definition.


Glad to see a thread where M4 is getting some love! I think it’s a great response to community feedback and have been having a blast with it.


nope… just more bullet spongy…

nothing changed in any fight except it just takes more damage…

traunt, just take a decent shock damage to take down his shield and then do what ever… don’t take elemental types he’s immune against…

increasing health isn’t making the game harder… it just takes more time…


Just wanna add my voice and 2 cents in appreciation of M4 and Maliwan Takedown. Nicely done GBX. Though I don’t appreciate the bugs that came with it. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Please go record a video of you fighting General Traunt and show us how easy it is when it takes a little while to kill him. Captain Traunt is still in the “too easy” category and doesn’t take very long to kill.

I personally find General Traunt on M4 to be difficult and if I mess up I still die sometimes. Same goes for Rampager, too many mistakes I could die. Several other bosses in this category.

“Zane requires a perfect roll like on any weapon and gear” --> to compete to other classes dmg output (amara and moze are on a total different level, specially amara), i meant this.

As i said, the problem is not M4 doable or not, the problem is that with amara you press your action skill, shoot, boom boss down, 1/2 min. Try it with zane :smiley: with your magnificent lvl 47 blue weapon :smiley:

They have to stop to release content until they fix and balance classes. I know that is kind impossibile to make all at the same level, but now we are at the opposite, too much difference in terms of dps.

If you do switch things off of terror, some of the new anointments are just ridiculous for rakk attack builds. Particular the +50%-of-whatever-type-elemental damage on action skill end, which can spawn on both grenades and shields now. 100% uptime on 100% extra damage of whatever elements you have the gear for. kinda glass canon but what a brainstormer does with this setup is obscene

I don’t think the community has fully processed the new anointments, which are one of the ways we are intended to offset the difficulty increase. I have mixed feeling about some of the decision GB is making but the idea that mayhem 4 can’t be done is definitely inaccurate


why… go to youtube and you’ll find MANY videos…

i don’t have to prove anything… i allready told you, turning everything into a bulletsponge isn’t hard… it just take more time…

if anything, M4 makes it easier because you get a 1! buff and the enemy gets 1! buff…

I can’t wait to get my hands on that new Rakk class mod. I have some great ideas to abuse that one. <3