Thy Boredom, with a Vengeance

Easily the biggest time-waster in the game. You build a ship. A ton of dialogue, the ship sinks, yadda yadda yadda.

Why? It has nothing to do with the story at all. Tourge blew up the ocean. Sweet.

If you took the dialogue out, people would realize how short this game actually is.

It’s maybe 25% of BL2 base game and this will be the first non-mmo or competitive game to short you so much on the base game.

What was the story? Someone killed spoiler and then you kill them. THAT IS IT.

They put more work into the credits than the content. I’d say this was half of a BL game, but it’s a lot less than that.


I was so triggered looking at orange loot beams when I had to wait for the credits to finish.
But yeah. I was so bored with the quests from the get go. I immediately didn’t like the narrating cast, tina excluded-
But even then, this wasn’t Bunkers and badasses to me.
This was. Every. Nautical themed MMO zone. That I hate.
I was thinking knights, skeletons, lichs, etc- What we got was Eden-6 3.0 and Captain Scarlett’s booty 4.0.

The quests… The dialogue…
I don’t see how anyone would be able to be immersed in this game unless they never played any other borderlands title before.
Gameplay is good but the quests and dialogue just ripped so much enjoyment out of the experience for me. But, now that I’m (mostly) done with any quests, I can just focus on the loot farm, which seems to be fine.

Now the only annoyances are the enemy SFX and the horrid music in some areas. Can’t see myself making another character unless some sort of skip dialogue option was created.


.…unless some sort of skip dialogue option was created…

it’s worse than traveling to Sanctuary to Talk to Lillith


Speaking of BL2, Joltzdude started a mdded run including BL2fix, BL3 type of fast travel and dialogue skip. I have to say that after seeing the showcase of latter two mds, I started to consider reinstalling BL2. Did not expect fast(er) travel and dialogue skip to be so sexy :wink:

I went to install the BL2 community patch but the process was a bit too complicated for me to follow. Once the file said it required 3 others to run, I didn’t feel like figuring out how to install the pre-requisite ones XD maybe the BL3 one is worth checking out if it has the same features? If the install is similar then that’d be lit-

Side note, does anyone know about scalable legendaries from shift? I have a scalable conference call in BL2, in rainbow letters. It scales to your level forever.* I have no idea where I got it from but I got it from a shift code I’m pretty sure. Either that or it came with the mod and I forgot I installed it. I’ll check my shift inbox.
(5-13-2022 note: I don’t know why I thought this, I was trippin lmao it was not infact scalable nor in rainbow letters.)


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Ha. I’m jealous.

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Pretty over the moon about it needless to say, but I cannot for the life of me remember what VIP Insider thing I did… Maybe it was one of the rewards for BL3 VIP promotions? I feel like that might have been it, the same ‘shop’ deal you got the exclusive VIP heads from with currency earned from browsing the website. I feel like you were able to choose from a few different options as well.
Either way, scalable legendaries are cracked. What a fun idea.

It might have come from a Diamond Plate Loot Chest you bought in 2013…nah. Think I’m wrong about that.

I think I found it:

So they had a season 2 of rewards and I nabbed an antifection and a conference call, both have rainbow letters, and now I think that my antifection will probably scale too, I’ll have to check.

MAN I would have tried to get them all if I knew they scaled!
I forgot to screenshot it. I ate an edible and played wonderlands. Will tonight.

so I guess it doesn’t have rainbow letters but it doesn’t have a level req. Now that I think about it, since I got it on a new character, I think it wouldn’t have a lvl requirement because you start at level 0? And the scalable prefix is just the larger magazine size?
That’s probably what happened lmao. Don’t mind me, just going insane over here.