Tickets in Concordia

If anyone cares at this point, I figured out how to get the third type of ticket in Condordia. Everyone knows about lighting the fire in the trash, and stomping on the plants. But I figured out how to get the “disposing of a weapon improperly” one. I was thinking about it, and I realized the cop-trap (don’t remember his name) can give out three tickets and, in his wanderings, he stops at three places. The first is by the planter (stomp of plants), the second is by the dumpster (set on fire), and the third is by the Merif’s statue. So, that is where you have to be to get the third ticket. When cop-trap was standing there, I tossed a crap white weapon over the end of the walkway, and he gave me the ticket. I have watched various videos about that challenge, and they all said “but I don’t know how to get the weapon ticket”. Well, now you do.


I’ve been curious about that one

I remember doing this so many times assuming that was what I was supposed to do, and nothing happened. Perhaps it was once bugged, or I was just doing it wrong. I even used a white weapon because I figured using a high-rarity weapon would not necessarily be considered as littering xD

You can only do it in that place, near the statue. You can throw weapons anywhere else, and you won’t get the ticket. You have to do it by the statue, when the custom bot is there, or it won’t trigger.