Tier 2 Skins are(n't) here!

I saw a zombie Shayne&Aurox in a public match today.

Should mean that they are now available!

EDIT: NVM :frowning:

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orly? Which platform?


They were on the enemy team so this was the best I could get, but It kiiind of looked like a zombie Shayne? Though now that the match ended and I could look at this picture and compare it to the zombie skin, I’m not sure… It looks like the normal Purple/blue skin >: ( I was so sure when I got close to her that it must have been the zombie skin and got very excited! Dang

You got me confused over here.

Just finished some very good morning Espresso and can confirm this is simply confusion. :sunny:


Damn, made me really excited there for a second. Now I’m just back to silent crying.

I’d edit the title of you could

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Ah, true, I forgot!

That edit though

It still hurts the soul haha

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