Tier 2 skins delayed?

a Gearbox representative mentioned they are supposed to be added together with Alani.

Is Alan a new character?
Maybe a ninja postman? lol

I heard that they were supposed to go out today but there is a twitter post floating around mentioning a delay on their release

I never heard a release date on them does anyone have a link to that?

you see this life thing its all about perspective yeah t2 skins arnt out yet but hey look tf2 never got skins just hats or yeah t2,s arnt out yet but that gives me more time to get credits to be ready like i said its all about perspective

I am farming loot packs right now while silently crying

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perspective man you might be crying but i broke my finger from flicking the stick to hard :stuck_out_tongue:

I tought they were coming with the first DLC

Thats what I heard when I listened to that interview, there were other mistakes and things missed in the reddit transcript so it could be that.[quote=“slukje, post:5, topic:1487438, full:true”]


I really hope they are not, they put it in the patch notes. Unless the recolors of Alani character count as new skins.
If they don’t release it I would be filling another refund for this game on my xbox.

Tired of this half cooked game and developer . Too much patience on my part with this game…

Jythri said they’re coming with Alani and they didn’t. Then jythri said it’s in marketing’s hands on Twitter. So the frustration lies in that we are now being kept in the dark on thing that use to be simple communication

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Yeah the skins and taunts in the patch were just for Alani as far as I know

i really dont see how not haveing a few more detailed skins means you got robbed of a complete game it isnt like you can even see your skin most of the time

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Is not that I got robbed, is that the game/developer fails to deliver once again.

First it was to wait for one month to fix basic stuff that were point out on the beta (exploit of the sentry, range attacks and so on). At the same time it was the quality of the matchmaking plus the massive drop in players on pc.

Now if they can’t accomplish something that should have been there from the start, because the recolors of every characters just prove that the game was rushed or just lazy worked. Then for me the delayed is the cherry on top of the cake, because I’m not willing to give to this game any more chances, so I’m getting my money back on xbox now while I can.


well i guess i cant argue you their but i doubt that gbx is being lazy and to insult them is a bit harsh since most things we have complained about they have fixed and since this is there first attempt (that i know of) at makeing a moba its going to have growing pains remember when lol came out what ever you do more power to you just i think you might want to wait one more day and you’ll be pleasantly surprised

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Thee game nor the developers have anything to do with pc players not wanting to play the game. Nor does that affect you, the xbox player. The matchmaking is a little off with sometimes all low level vs 3 100s but most of the time it’s okay.

Also, most skins for characters that gbx has done in the past have been recoloring, that’s just how they do skins. The T2/T3 skins, those were meant to be released after on purpose. If you want to see them, you could look them up, since the AIs in private matches could use them, there’s pictures.

if you really need to wear the one cool skin that everyone else will wear for a specific character, and that really gets to you, I mean, I’m not here to judge. Feel free to have whatever opinions you want, no opinion is right (or wrong, I meeant wrong).

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I was a pc player first and I made a charge back, thats the only reason that I switch to xbox, so thats why it concerns me since the same situation is slowly starting to show up in the xbox community and queves.

Like I posted before there is a lot of reason already explained above and if you want the resume I lost hope in the developer. I already talked with Ms support and got my refund so Good luck with the game and hope that developer wake up.

See you guys around.


Personally I was in the same boat as you but I decided to wait a bit longer and as a pc player I can totally understand the disappointment of how they are treating and patching the game.

Hopefully you can buy the game later if things get better.

this game still has growing pains to go trough and gbx does have other things to work on and patch it isnt like a dedicated moba were all effort can be put into them i still think we should work with them rather than work against them

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