Tier 3 Skin Wishlist

I’m sure these’ll be added, as there’s no way Gearbox didn’t already think of these. xD

For instance, maybe a Mechromancer & Gaige Skin for Shayne and Aurox, or a Psycho skin for Whiskey Foxtrot. And we for sure need a Roland Skin for Ghalt.

imho, Rogues have the most potential for skins.

I need these in my life.
How about you all? Any other ideas?


A medieval king for Kleese, sitting in his throne and everything


I say we need some GoT skins.
-Ambra = Melisandre
-Galilea = Brienne
-Attikus = Gregor
-Phoebe = Arya
-Thorn = Ygritte
The possibilities are endless!

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Tiny Tinarendi


darlek isic

Looking at Ghalt’s apparel, it looks like a mish-mash of military garb and pieces of an engineer rig
I’d like to see the complete engineer rig on Ghalt
Oh and Whiskey Foxtrot in full “Mike” armor

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he would just look like mike…

No need to be snarky, I think he means in Whiskey’s own modified shiny and spiky version of the mike armour.


A Dr Eggman skin for Kleese, no doubt about it.

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