Tier 3 Turrets and sentries should reveal

Hi guys,

Being a veteran Moba player, I feel a huge issue with the now pervasive stealth mechanic. Most temporary cloaks are excellent skills with up and downsides. I agree there absolutely should be assassins in the game.

My issue is when Pendles walks into my spawn, stops for some tea in front of my tier 3 turrets and sentry, then calmly walks behind our Marquis and chunks him to 50% health before anyone can spot him.

I really wish something small would happen, a fair balance, no need to blow up Pendles as he is like a half Akali/Evelyn from League and can be a fair champ.

The small thing I wish would happen is that sentries and tier 3 buildables would reveal cloaked enemy units.


Yes I’ve been saying this for a while. They need something to make them more worth it, as someone has told me a dev said while playing with them. But maybe make it Stinger specific, since shock already bounces extra, and Thumpers are super strong.

I can get behind this idea. While by himself, Pendles is not that big of an issue. But in Incursion and Meltdown, in the most dastardly of hands (not speaking from experience :wink:), he has the ability to waltz in the opposing base and make it homey for himself. While I don’t think they should outright reveal cloaked characters, I do think that they should be able to at least target cloaked heroes. Maybe even have it at Tier 2, just for fairness sake, since Tier 3 upgrades both damage and a shield.


I disagree with this, if turrets could reveal it would change the game a lot more than some may think. Pendles has little utility as it is, he can’t skirmish and wave clearing is a big risk, if turrets could reveal it would prevent Pendles from doing his job and dereiment other stealth abilities as OM would have a hard time escaping from lane or flipping buildables and Deande wouldn’t be able to assassinate efficiently. As it is, accelerators still tag stealthed BB and I think that’s an issue.

Now, if you had the option to build a standard turret or a specialised buildable that pulses a beam that reveals stealth I’d be all for it. Do you keep your defensive turret or do you sacrifice it in order to reveal that pesky Pendles who will otherwise try to destroy it then stealth away?


I think a revealing turret would do more harm than good. It would block of Pendles off from minion waves and prevent him from engaging. The whole time Pendles is cloaked the game is effectively a 5v4 the team has to pick up the slack and its not fun. Additionally Pendles should not be sneaking up on a Marquis. Marquis has a helix choice that make his owls pull ANYONE out of cloak from about 100 meters and thats just at lvl 2. Additionally, they also spot people thru walls and give the team invaluable info as long as the owls are well placed. At lvl six Marquis can place up to 5 owls on the map. I main Marquis and not a single Pendles has had a positive kill death difference or more than 10 minion kills on my watch. One game the poor guy went 1-13-3.

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You need to use a better example. Marquis is a scumbag and needs killing, for one thing. Second, his owls can reveal stealth.

I like the idea of having the option for specialized turrets but just adding a stealth detection function to current turrets seems a bit much. Your argument is basically “Pendles can do X so let’s change the way turrets work so Pendles can’t do X.”

Marquis can take out turrets from damn near across the entire map. Doesn’t mean I want the turrets upgraded to be able to sniper back at him. If the enemy has a Pen, just keep an eye on the mini map. Maybe have someone hang back at the base for about 30 seconds to see if he tries to sneak in and take out the turrets. If he decloaks and he’s slowed by the turret, he’s pretty much dead if a battleborn can get to him.


I feel like the best direction to take is making it a timed sort of thing. Pendles being able to get behind the enemy, destroy turrets and buildables is part of his utility. I dont think that needs to be taken away entirely. What i think would work is if Pendles lingers within sight of a turret too long, say 3-5 seconds, then the turret will see him and display him on the mini map.

The only real problem i have is when Pendles just stands in an enemy territory waiting to ambush in clear site of turrets and buildables. I feel like this solution would be a good balance. It will allow Pendles to still have utility, but make the player have to be more tactical about it.

This will also not allow him to destroy whole sets of buildables/turrets in one swoop, like in Monuments.