Tier List thought? Updated 05/30/16

Having someone do well with a character does not make them high tier. Every charcter can put up insane records when played by a good player. Nice job though :+1:. Pretty good record. Also list isn’t based purely on K/D but rather overall help to the team.

I mean any one character can look amazing in a given game, let alone player skill or experience coming into play. To give some further perspective there are as many total deaths in that SINGLE game as I generally see in TWO games combined, let alone it looks like you basically beatdown the other Caldarius, which doesn’t bode well for proving a point about Caldarius being a lower tier.

Yeah good point. Plus the fact that I’m just good with Caldarius. Every character is an S tier if you’re good with them.

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Can we leave this stupid tiersystem with that…

Man. I’ve won from Galilea’s and lost from Attikus’.
Most people in here have it WRONG, for the foremost reason: This is not a k/d-game. This is not deathmatch. Ffs, if you’re playing for kills, you’re playing wrong and I hope I never have you on my team.

With gear and mutations my miko can get up to 150 health a tick so i wouldn’t say that Ambras is more, granted they’re both good for certain things. Just throwing it out there

Benedict in tier c? lol

Nobody really under performs in this game and with that being said only a few characters really upstage the others. Once you learn the characters they can all be effective. Every character you have listed in C and D i have seen played at a high level and have to disagree with all of them. Not one of them under perform in their roles.

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Yeah I figured Miko must’ve had some upgrades

These list make no sense because I promise all 25 battle born are incredibly strong in the hands of someone who knows how to play them.

Just because everyone can be played well doesn’t mean everyone is equally good when played perfectly. Even the best balanced competitive games have tiers. Take Street Fighter 5 for example, every character is viable proffessionally but tiers still exist. And believe me Battleborn is far from the best balanced game.


I agree but for the most part I think most of the characters are balanced, the few that need some needed buffs are Atikus( lacks sustain kinda have to play him as an assassin to do well), Benedict( rocket flight speed needs a small buff and should be able to use his hawker ability while in flight. From what those two might be the only ones in a bad spot but for the most part I think all the characters have some great strengths.

While that is true, there’s about 5-6 battleborn people can agree are some of the best, and a few that are the worst, but ranking the middle is near impossible

I agree with the Ghalt being in B-tier I just finished unlocking him and I played him in all 3 pvp modes, I see where some would put him higher if they only played incursion. Ghalt is really good in incursion, good in meltdown (but not really good), and very lackluster in capture. In capture targets are harder to hit with his hook and people don’t run into the scrap traps as much, but good players can make him work (doesn’t mean he is good in that mode).

Something I have really started to notice on the forums though is how underrated Shayne and Aurox is by everyone. I really think she should be S tier or A tier at the very least. The main thing is how much damage she can take and dish out. Really she is the only person who can without a doubt 1v1 Galilea and win more than lose. Now don’t get me wrong my main character is Shayne and Aurox and if the community wants to remain blind to how strong she is, I’d be ok with that. But Shayne and Aurox almost always have to be taken down 2v1 honestly, shoot most of the matches I play I let my life get to 25% and just keep killing people. As Shayne I really play her like a honey badger and rarely die. I have in multiple scenarios taken a Miko+Galilea combo (Before and after the nerfs) and come out on top. I hate to say it but Shayne and Aurox need to be checked, but everyone is so stuck on Galilea they aren’t even in anyone’s mind.

I know this will sound to some that I really don’t like Shayne and Aurox, but I do and just want her to be brought up a bit more often when talks of balancing comes up. I do not want her to become the next Galilea and get nerfed a million times which is why I am trying to bring her up now.

S&A is A tier, Thorn is close to S tier. Kleese is B tier.

I agree, do you know who else is s tier worthy? Bolder but only a good bolder player knows that.

I moved Kleese from B to A because if a team gets an early push on incursion with Kleese, he can set up camp outside their base and make the whole team nearly impossible to kill. Plus he is capable of Backdooring extremely well and is no slouch in 1v1 situations either.

ISIC is A tier if not S tier. Late game his siege strength and pure nuke power are insane. No point going defensive for lvl 10 helix as someone is bound to cc you to know you out of turret mode. But even with 5-6 seconds ISIC will melt your sentries shields and some health.

All hail ISIC.

Lol I got master of Boldur recently and he should be in A or even S tier NO ONE can beat boldur 1v1 (yes even gali is a bit*h to him)

-he can block up to 2000 dmg

  • can get it to 50% dmg reduction almost all the time (more and longer than Montanas)

  • does the most melee dmg ( can hit for 200-300 dmg per hit plus rage passive makes him melee 20% faster)

-Best gap closer ( although you need to hit a wall to stun)

  • can heal 50% of blocked dmg ( nice when you are about yo die)

  • at level 10 if you pick “shield mastery” you can literally perma block

  • also at lvl 10 you get his mutation which allows him to heal back to FULL health when you activate Runes of power.

Boldur is THE tank of the game I’ve walked through teams and done 5v1s with and came out victorius.

I have said this a lot but every character in this game brings something new to the table in a game. This game is very well balanced since none of the characters are lack luster and can shine in the right hands. Just because Oscar Mike is easier to play and has better wave clear then Whiskey does not make him better and vise versa.

If anyone thinks otherwise, I would be happy to use the character they think sucks and do 3 games in solo queue, then post the score for them to see it just takes time to learn the character.

I said it once and I’ll say it again. No matter how well balanced a game is, every character will never be completely equal when played perfectly. Even the most balanced games have tiers and this isn’t the best balanced game. I can easily get good scores with every character but doesn’t mean one isn’t better than the others. Tier lists are made by comparing whom does the best if played perfectly. Obviously no one is going to play perfectly which is why tier lists may differ, it’s a guess as to the characters performance if played perfectly.