Tier Lists PvP (Feedback is welcomed)

Tier list as of 20th of June.

This list is entirely my opinion for PVP and I would gladly accept feedback and change it if necessary. Reasons of why they are low/high tiers will be explained below alongside what would be a good idea to fix the problem of their position, if here is any.

Being low in the tier list doesn’t make the character useless, in fact, many characters in the low tiers can carry a game alone if played well or they can have a great synergy.

I’m a quite experienced player with over 200 in game hours (more than 300h in steam alone) and I have made this tier list with the help of other great players. However, feedback is appreciated and I hope that I can get some feedback from devs like @JoeKGBX if possible, thanks for your time and attention.

S > A > B > C > D > F

S Tier:

  • Alani, Galilea, Marquis.

A Tier:

  • Oscar Mike, Miko, ISIC, Thorn, Phoebe, Mellka

B Tier:

  • Benedict, Caldarius, Kleese, Reyna, Orendi, Toby, Rath, Ghalt, El Dragón, Shayne & Aurox

C Tier:

  • Montana, Ambra, Attikus, Deande, Kelvin, Whiskey Foxtrot, Boldur

D Tier:

  • That one guy that flames and then ragequits while being the worst in the team

F Tier:

  • The surrender option

  • Alani:
    Currently nerfed her damage in a way it should feel okay, however her Geyser is a free kill. How can we fix a skill that is better than the average ULTIMATE in the entire game? First of all, we have to remove her Lv2 helix that increases 30% the damage of whoever gets in the bubble. Her burst healing is an issue too, but we don’t want to move from S to D a character either. The only problem at the moment is the Geyser, but this skill alone makes her S tier, the best skill in the entire game.

Her damage is atonishing, her tankiness amazing. She can do everything. How can we fix Galilea? There’s only two main problems that make her S tier, her “no skill” pull and her ranged attack when maxed health. Yes, you can counter her ranged attacks with shield penetration but let’s be honest, we don’t know when we will face Galilea to carry an item like that all the time. Her pull needs to go and her ranged damage needs to be toned down, it’s not possible that after a stun she can almost free kill you with the ranged attack and if you dare to run or push her away, she pulls you back in.

His ultimate is quite underwhelming. What makes Marquis S tier? His insane damage if you have good aim, his insane utility to the team at long range and his HP pool is quite big for a sniper, in fact, he has more health than Benedict. There’s NO WAY you can make Marquis lower than A tier without making him useless due to the average player lacking aim. The only fixing he needs would be a slight nerf on his HP pool and I think that marquis’s attack damage should be reduced but his Ein, Zwei, Die bonus should be increased so that his dps is (functionally) the same, but would make him require more consistant skill to deal his insane damage.

-Oscar Mike:
He is A tier not because of him, but how the game works. There is nothing wrong with him, if OM gets a slight nerf somewhere he’ll end up useless. He has great mobility and nice damage that exceles at medium range, his wave clearing makes him excellent for Meltdown and Incursion. He’s an objective monster. Due to his wave clearing power he gets to late game one of the firsts (unless some assasin on his team is getting fed) and can then chase off opponents and make them leave, because if they don’t he can save the granade instead for the minions for a kill, since he has great speed while invis and a really high duration on invis.

He/She is not OP per se, but he/she makes others OP. He/she can make a Montana an immortal killing machine for example. His/her weakness are his/her slow attack speed and his/her inmense head hitbox. However, his speed and amazing healing power makes him A tier. He’s almost S tier due to his high self sustain and removing part of his headhitbox with his ultimate, however, because he needs a team he’s/she’s not S tier.

Even if reflect makes his ward become weaker, it’s a really nice helix upgrade that can counter many attacks and skills. His stun is simple and gives him a favourable position, his damage is really high and his tankiness high as well. The only thing he may need to get toned down its his 10th Helix that gives him a shield in front of him with his ultimate. Also, he needs a clearer head hitbox.

What she doesn’t do? She can slow, nukes like Orendi, wave clearing, long range, amazing headshot damage, amazing speed, really high jump that can get her out of many situations… A way to tone her down would be nerfing her AoE so her wave clearing would not be as good and let her be a hunter, not a “I do almost everything” character. However, thanks that you need aim with her, she’s not S tier.

She’s not S tier because her early game is bad. However even if she’s a late bloomer she levels up quite fast and, for an assasin, she can get 1v2 and win due to her incredible DPS with free silence. The only thing I would personally nerf would be the distance of her teleport, but I don’t think she needs it for now.

Her poison is way too strong, her mobility way too good, she can dance and dodge around in front of three, try to kill one or leave it at low HP and leave without dying and without using a single skill offensively. I would personally tone down the distance of her dash and, maybe, her poison damage. Hands down the most annoying character in the game to face. It is worth to mention the incredible duration of her poison.

His damage is over the top, he’s really great with incredible mobility. However, he’s balanced with having the smallest HP pool in the entire game. His rockets are rather slow and, surprisingly enough, the best way to play him is Kamikaze making him even more balanced due to the danger he expose himself into. He’ll melt you faster than anyone, but you’ll melt him the same way.

The second most annoying character to face. His early is not so good but his mobility makes him great. He’s the only character that can bunny hop (Helix lv5), and with a blind. He’s a really nice disruptor that can screw a team over, get inside, annoy and kill someone and get out. He has nice damage later on with nice assassination tools.

This old man has everything, damage, sniping (without zoom), self sacrifice shields for massive damage, shield regen for everyone, health regen for everyone, no-aim-right click against assasins at close, flies, pushes like a monster. Why he’s not A or even S tier? Because he’s slow and his hitbox is so damn big that thanks to his low HP pool he goes down in a blink of an eye.

Her aim is bad, her damage is low, her ultimate is very situational. However, her shield with heal is damn great and her amply damage on a target damn great too, she’s a wonderful support. The only thing I would personally touch from her, is increasing her aim with her pistol, no need with the pulse since she can get homing.

Battleborn info shows that the character is “easy”, she’s not. Being able to hit with a pillar is hard unless you practice a lot, her damage and nukes are the best in the game, her speed and mobility are great too. How is she, then, B tier instead of A? Because her headhitbox is big, she’s squishy and her M1 is really REALLY bad to aim with thanks to the 4 arms.

A big ass sniper with a low HP pool, big hitbox and three/four dashes. Meanwhile this character is annoying and has great damage he’s worse than Marquis due to his hitbox, damage and lesser utility for the team. However, Toby requires less aim than Marquis due to his railgun hitbox being really big. He’s a nice sniper and has a nice close-range stun to save himself, but he has one of the worst ultimates in the game. I’m afraid that if his ultimate gets better, he’ll be A tier.

Many people would say that he should be S or A tier. However this vamp- Jennerit is a monster at mid game due to his combo of Knockup + silence + slow into a devastating ultimate that will kill almost everyone and the best of all, in area. Why he’s not A or S tier then? He only needs one CC and that’s it. Don’t stun him instantly, save the stun for when he uses his ultimate, that’s it, he’s suddenly a “meh” assasin. Because of how hard countered he can get he’s balanced.

Insane damage and insane set up stun (scrap trap + hook). Arguably the best character at Lv1. However, the longer the match gets, the weaker he gets. His ultimate is rather underwhelming like Toby’s and he’s rather slow with a medium hitbox. If the ultimate gets improved he’ll be A tier.

-El Dragón:
A great brawler with insane damage. However, he needs his ultimate for damage and the ultimate to stun someone if he wants to save his Q to get away to safety. His weak early and big hitbox makes him balanced.

-Shayne and Aurox:
Altough their damage fall off makes them weak at late game their utility made them stay in B tier. Their early is great and they can save themselves more than once with their tankiness. Luckily even if they have a big hitbox, the head hitbox is really small. Their boosts, movement, stun/grab and overall utility make them great even in late game for the team even if they lack damage later on. However, I would personally love to remove Aurox from the stun animation since teammates can’t see who he stunned and can’t even kill it due to his big hitbox covering everything, this is a really big issue.

Oh boy we start with C tier with a loved character with an awesome song. He may have the biggest HP pool in the entire game but he has the highest hitbox in the game as well. His weapon is rather weak and really innacurate, it also overheats way too fast. He would be B tier if they fix his heavy machinegun heat and accuracy. He only has one CC and he’s really tanky, but other tank characters have more damage and bring more utility than him.

Our dear silent sister got hit way too heavy with nerfs. She’s great in early but fall offs late game. How can ge make Ambra great again? By improving her support abilities, increase Sunspot health, damage and healing and let her stack a minimum of 3 suns like Kleese can stack 3 Rifts or Marquis can stack 3 owls by default. Her autoaim with M1 makes it impossible to crit, so she’s even weaker due to that, it also takes a really long time for the laster of M1 to start hitting.

He has the damage, he has the health and he has one of the best CCs in the entire game. What is wrong with him? For starters, his leap ( Q ), should be on THIRD PERSON VIEW. It’s really annoying that you stun someone and you need MORE time to look at where it landed than he got stunned. Second his big head and body doesn’t help the fact that he’s rather slow. Third, for the ultimate to do SOMETHING and not be USELESS he needs full charges, to get full charges he needs 5 kills or a Merc camp kill in Incursion, if you use a skill before the ultimate you lose everything. The upgrades on the skills with full charges are really underwhelming and bring nearly nothing to the table. How do we fix him? Third person view when he lands with his Q, either upgrade the bonus of Q and E with full charges or remove the waste of charges on them, make charges fill itself with time because Attikus can’t many times get the kill or kill minions since his exposure tends on death or teleport back to base. Only his damage and ultimate utility makes him C and not D.

We all love her, she’s waifu material. What’s her problem? Well, outside of 1v1 she’s rather useless. She can 1v1 anything thanks to her uppercut CC but her uppercut CC at the same time doesnt let her do much, it’s like a self inflicted CC. What’s more, her ultimate lacks damage and is rather slow to cast. She has great mobility but then it’s removed with uppercut and her ultimate, why? Her damage is lacking compared with other assasins or brawlers. Make her ultimate cast faster and let the player have more choices with the uppercut and she’ll be B Tier or even A tier.

The CC monster. Kelvin, outside of “tryharding 5 premade competitive play” he’s rather underwhelming. His damage is kinda low, his ultimate is really situational and even if he has a big HP pool his hitbox doesn’t help him. I’m afraid that there’s nothing to fix, if he gets a damage buff he’ll roflstomp anyone thanks to his sublimate ( Q ) invulneravility to get away and stun everyone in the process. He, in fact, already rolfstomp anyone if he has a team and comunication since he can stun everyone with little to no skill making him the wetdreams of 5 man team comp. However, if we’re talking about pubs, he’s really bad. I really can’t see how we can make him better without making him top tier pick in comp or (I hope it will come soon) ranked matches (which I hope that if they come, they’ll come with draft mode).

-Whiskey Foxtrot:
Our legendary man is C tier even if his M1 is one of the BEST in the entire game. Why? Because his skills are terrible. His sticky granades are a pain to aim and not as good if you hit with it, his “shotgun” is nearly worthless and only useful to push or increase the damage at close range, but he excels at medium-long range which is stupid to have a shotgun skill due to that. He only needs to get buffs on his skills, even if he has one of the best M1 in the game his really bad early game would make him B tier and not higher.

Poor poor Boldur. He may be an awesome tank, he may be a killing machine at late game but, he won’t reach late game, ever. Outside of Incursion, he’s useless. I’ve been facing Boldurs in capture or Meltodwn and ignore them while they were hitting me, literally, minions and turrets would deal more damage than this poor thing early game. If I show him some action, he gets happy like a dog with a new toy and shows that noone can kill him with his overshield and his shield. But that’s it, he’s an annoying big minion running around spending a Battleborn slot hoping that he can be useful with his really-bad stun outside of Incursion while wishing he was lv10 already. The problem here, is that thanks to the surrender option and how badly he gets experience (and no kills) it’s a miracle when he reaches lv10. He needs some damage buff and less shield on his M2 to compensate.

-The surrender option:
As bad as Microtransactions. Who thought having surrender option so soon, when we have late game characters, a good idea? Due to the low playerbase (at least in PC) that sometimes we have to wait a lot to find a match, I dont want to leave it after not even 10 minutes because 3 guys of A or B team decided it’s a “lost match”.

No tl;dr:, you’ll have to read and eat all the vegetables.

I will be editing whenever I can with feedback.
Edit 1: Made it easier to read and clean.
Edit 2: Some people misunderstood the Thorn bit, re-made it.
Edit 3: I realised I’ve been too harsh with our Dwarf, after some feedback I moved him from Dwarf tier to C tier.


Couple of things i’ll add. I’m currently waste deep in nothing but PVP as I’m trying to close out Ghalt first kill lore. Ive seen many of things in my PVP. Ive literally seen everyone on your list completely dominate a game. When I say dominate, I mean literally destroying everyone in kills on our team or theirs. Like not even close. Every single character. I have also seen or have dominated every single one of those characters. So, ranking guys based on tiers seems a bit fast. Naturally all of them are “great” in a single area. So outside of that, it would likely be that they are terrible. so in that realm, yes I suppose some might be technically better than others. Also a lot has to do with your team load out. Good players become unkillable with the right people. So there are many things that can go into a game to translate into the team you face. The only one right now that is far and away better than anyone is Alani, and GB has admitted that. I’ve spent some time playing a person PVP game against bots to try some other characters. Some I was able to pick up and was an immediate game changer. Others, I got destroyed by bots if you could believe it. So one person over another really doesn’t make sense unless you are good with how they operate, if that makes sense.

To me, a game is a good as the volume of time I can get out of it before moving on to the next one. I’ve played TONS of hours and only made it through Ghalt, Oscar Mike, Kelvin and thorn. I’m not even fully maxed level with some and still have a couple lore challenges left. So, by those standards, quitting a game that is only 10% done for me seems stupid. I’m having tons of fun playing even when I get matched up with complete nubs on PVP and Advanced PVE (which is very annoying) I’m still having fun.


Boulder is up in the B tier in my opinion, but should at least be in the C tier because of his level ramp. Once he hits level 5, he can be almost impossible to kill with his Runes and Rage up and his Rune Axe Toss is one of the better AoE damage effects in the game.

Early game he has one of the more reliable stun effects, tempered only by its difficult to hit. Even so, it is not that difficult to nab easy kills/assists with him in the early laning stages of Meltdown, especially given how cramped those lanes can be.

I do agree he is very level dependent and that can mean spending time and shards building things until you get to level 5.

Also like @Masterblizak said, I’ve seen just about every character dominate a game in some form or fashion.

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Ok… This is gonna be a pain to type on tablet so I’m gonna try and keep it short.
Deande… I have played like 97 matches with her and she is pretty bad stats wise. She has amazing skills just not the default to follow it up. (Will agree that her ult is kinda annoying though. Personally I would just like it if the damage boost from un cloaking would apply to the first few hits of it.) For starts I wouldn’t call her an assassin with current stats it’s that bad. She is too slow to catch anyone in the game xD She needs to have higher damage she needs faster speed and maybe an extension to her fan range hit box melee thing. Also attackspeed xD Her attack speed literally makes me want to cry and it forces you into having a lot of attack speed from gear.
The knock up though… Everyone says it’s op but it’s such an easy counter. 1. Have a team member near by 2. Quick melee 3. Skills, either stuns or slows work well and anything that makes you move xD
The most reliable way to kill someone with her is to sneak behind the (without using clone) and then clone in their face bust dash them in a corner and body block so they can’t get out.

Holy crap that was long… But yea I have experienced these problems in literally every game with her.

So basically I am saying she needs buffs asap and she is really crappy yet I still play her a lot so I am a horrible player that doesn’t care about my team. Lol

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I play essentially Phoebe and Kelvin.

I think the Phoebe analysis is quite spot on. However, her terrible early game can be left in the dust super quickly - I found myself with a couple more levels than the opposition after a few minutes of match. It’s super situationnal of course and can’t grant her access to S rating, but when it happens, she’s unstoppable. Probably the character I’m able to dive in dangerous places with and still comes out alive.

Kelvin doesn’t require a full team comp to be a beast. Only a healer, and I’d advise Alani thanks to her very own stun. The both of them really makes quite the deadly team. However, Kelvin solo and Kelvin early game are absolutely atrocious. Most of my strategy rely on hiding only to rush with sublimate and kill strays. And chomp minions of course.
But as soon as you start hitting them, you hit them REAL hard. With over the top Chomp damage, a damn good stun, and the very overlooked Ice Wall which is actually super, super effective and probably my favorite ult so far in the game, you have some incredible tools to srategically dominate the battlefield and force your opponents where you want them : in your belly.
But it’s a hard and long road to get there and Kelvin will melt away when alone… As well as absolutely 0 tools to get them damn ranged characters.

The more I play Benedict, the less I feel he is a “strong damage” dealer. It’s mostly annoying to try and kill people for a loooong time with him, despite his role seemingly putting him in a squirmisher / hunter role thanks to his improved mobility. I find it hard to effetively and quickly clear lanes with him, even with the reload/attack trick, and since every other DPS is able to kill people faster than him early and mid game, he often lacks that precious XP he needs to level up. What’s more, his rockets can be blown up by turrets rockets, meaning it’s a bit of a pain to destroy turrets rockets like those at the end of the long lanes in Meltdown. However it’s probably the safest bet with him : destroy buildables and “suppression fire” the ennemies while you wait for those nice helix unlocks.

And Ambra… Well. I’d say her biggest issue is that to be able to play an effective healer, she needs that level 12 mutation. Which is completely weird : a support character relying on the last unlocked mutation to be really effective, leaving her in a meh position every earlier ranks…

Of course I’m mainly talking PvP. In PvE things are wildly different!

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I do see your point in general and I agree with most of it.

However, about Boldur, I do think he’s D tier because even if he’s really great at late game, he can only tank at early and in mid he’s meh.

He brings no utility to the team besides being immortal, he’s just a big minion, scratch that, it’s worse than an MK Elite. If you want to be nearly immortal and bring utilty, you can do it with Kelvin, Shayne or even Montana. Everyone does Boldur’s job better and they excel at it, Boldur only excels in being unkillable which means nothing in a game where the death penalty is so low. His damage only comes into action way too late and his way to learn experience gets him in many dangerous situations that often leads to feeding.

Benedict is actually great, but it’s a shame that the best way to play him is at almost melee range.

Even if you show me that Kelvin can be good for clearing waves or to tank in pubs, that still makes him C tier, his reedeeming point is that he’s the CC monster that everyone wants in a comp team.

Agreed. I’ve seen good characters carry games but I’ve never seen good Deandes carry. Compared to the other two assassins she just takes way too long to kill anyone, and it usually involves the use of her only escape too.

Any PvP tier list is highly dependant on the
-PvP mode you’re playing
-the character you’re playing and the team’s choice.

Peoples complaining at Mellka’s poison and at her mobility… rolleyes
That’s her two strength, if you nerf them she has nothing you know. No shield to protect her from crit, no burst damage except for the difficult to aim ultimate past level 5. No hard cc, just a slow that needs her to go in melee range with her target. Mellka is perfectly balanced. also, if Mellka is hit by a slow her escape abilities are useless, they don’t work (she will barely moves away with her claw lunge when hit by a strong slow).

Also, Reyna’s kit is amazing. Her ult is completely unique in the game and can completely reverse a bad situation in Incursion, both defensively and offensively, not even counting simply using it to save your teammates or yourself while waiting for the failsafe’s cooldown to finish. She also has one of the best slow of the game, and she’s one of the character who is the most punishing for enemies who overextend too much. 9-12 seconds slow + 15-45% damage increase for 6-10 sec ? And that priority target has homing, and after that it only requires one bullet to land every 3 sec to continue the slow effect? Well played she’s a game changer on top of denying tremendous amount of kill to the enemy. How many times did I saw an enemy chasing an ally at low health, just to have that ally receive a shield, turn back on the pursuer which is now nigh perma-slowed and taking more damage. also, fast moving/flying characters like thorn or Benedict are prey as well. Homing priority target will msot of the time reach them, and when they’re slowed, they’re just squishy slow moving target for your teammates.
Most fun support character to play with imo.

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No, the problem is not that Mellka has mobility and poison.The problem is that without using her skills she deals a lot of damage, way more than any average character. Whiskey Foxtrot wishes he had that damage.

If a skill (her ultimate as you say) it’s hard to aim/hit, that’s just an excuse, if we take into consideration “people miss” then Marquis wouldnt be as high. Many characters have hard skills to aim with, others don’t even have a proper ultimate (Toby).

She has many tools, she can slide while running with her already small hitbox and already fast movement speed to make her even harder to hit, she doesn’t need her skills to kill due to her high damage and she uses it to get away instead in a more effective way than Benedict, Attikus or Caldarius wished for.

Not all characters have hard CC or even soft CC like a slow, neither they need it. Caldarius is an example.

In short, for her high damage she shouldnt have such tools to get away. Either decreasing claw lunge distance (and more importantly, in the air) or decreasing her damage so she’s forced to use her skills like most of the cast.

Reyna is alright as it is, her ultimate is by no means bad, it’s just situational.

And yes, I did took into consideration the three game modes, this is why it’s like this. Many characters are better in incursion meanwhile others are worse, the same in meltdown or capture. However, to make a tier list you need to make an average of the three game modes and this is what I got .

Tier lists come from metrics of match ups.
I need numbers to go along with this, or it won’t be as tier list.
If Gearbox people want to chime in, I’d love to see things such as player pick stats, team composition readouts of premades, and K/D readouts from specific Hero on Hero matchups.
These are the backbone of Tier lists and I would love either more info from GB, or even players to start doing private PvP matchups and tabulating and posting.


She isn’t using her skills because she’s using them for escape. Her sustained damage is high, but no one smart will die from sustained damage. On incursion I’m usually getting lots of assist due to the poison being put here and there, but not that much kill. Mellka is also extremely vulnerable to some stuff like silence (Think : Rath’s AoE silence , for example) since she’s very squishy. Knock up (any, even the thrall’s knowk up) will also interupt and put in CD the claw lunge, as well. Slows denies the use of claw lunge as an escape, as well. Mellka seems hard to kill because she can escape most of the time BY PLAYING SAFE. If Mellka’s sustained damage was lower, she would be absolutely useless. She’s squishy, so anything going wrong will result in her dying most of the time. And her sustained damage until very late game is single target. Even her Ult is single target.
Compare that to a character like orendi, who like Mellka is squishy, fast, has only one single cc (either blind or push back) but has tremendous AoE damage and at high level can do frightening burst as well. Her escape ability isn’t as good, but she has a shield, protecting her from Crits. You didn’t put Orendi in tier A despite all that. I don’t think Mellka belong to tier A either, then.

It 's far easier to hit with marquis. Melkka doesn’t have a zoom, her ability takes a while to be completely unleashing during which the opponent may be missed at any time which will cut the damage that is initially not that great for a single target ult to begin with, any teammate going in front of you during it will completely nullify the damage, and so on. Mellka’s ult is pretty frustrating to use for not that great of a result when it its ImO. I’ll take orendi’s ultimate any day. Orendi’s level 10 mutation are also very nice compared to Mellka.

at the end of the slide her sprint gets interrupted, making her an easy target at that right moment far bettert than if she was simply running without sliding ImO.

Caldarius has a very very annoying AoE blind CC that he can fire from distance, contrary to Mellka.
And Caldarius has more mobility without skill than Mellka without skill, so without an ycooldown, so he can use his skill offensively.
Caldarius doesn’t have less escape ability than Mellka, that’s just plain wrong.
Attikus has 2 hard cc, is slow moving but hits very very strong if going into melee range, so it’s not AT ALL the same type of character. Benedict 's rockets are far more effective than Mellka’s gun.

Another Tier list…

Who are these “Great Players” you mention? Would you be so kind as to name them, kinda rude not to as they helped you compile the list. And why should Gearbox reply to “your” Tier List? Curious to know.

Thorn: The only Great thing about Thorn is Blight. If you want that nerfed then your barking mad. And if you think Marquis is S Tier…your wrong.

Most characters are great in the hands of good players, and team compositions and tactics make for an even bigger change.


@zefyris Not everyone can stop the venom neither they are close to a supply station. She’s weak to CC, like all the characters with the exception of whoever Reyna is pointing at.

A blind can do little to nothing depending on the situation, if you have map awareness you can still move and get away.
Caldarius have less escape ability than Mellka as long as Mellka has her skills, if she’s on CD, Cald has more mobility. He’s the bunny hopper ofcourse.
You can’t spam rockets.

@DaRTH_FuRioN first you gotta chill.
Second, they all wanted to be anonymous so I’m not saying a word. I can redeem someone as a great player if they have over 150 in game hours and prove that they can play more than 3 characters in all gamemodes and be the 1st in their teams everytime. It would be rude do the opposite and say their names. What’s more, I’ve been personally asked to do this thread.
Third, I was actually defending the position of Thorn to be A meanwhile I’ve been pushed around to make her S tier. She’s really high and really good, inmense DPS and inmense utility with an “F to win” ultimate that requires no aim whatsoever. She’s a jack of all trades, master of many, and she only should be master of one thing while being a jack of all trades tops.
Marquis is indeed S tier, put him in the hands of whoever can aim and he’ll do wonders, he changes how the game is played. If there’s a Marquis you’ll play totally different in the entire match and you’ll be forced to push him out of his positions putting you in dangerous situations that can bite you back with their team defending Marquis. Marquis has been balanced like this expecting people to miss and get an average hit and miss, but when you put him in those who don’t miss, he’s the most broken even at close.

Yes, characters are great in the hands of good players, but I’m talking into consideration that everyone is great. A Boldur can clearly dominate a game all by himself.

@otsuexodus This is indeed correct and I would love to see numbers myself.

All in all, I clearly stated that this was my opinion with the help of many people, and yet I seek more feedback.
Just stating “you’re wrong” with no real argument or “The character I play is not as strong as you think” won’t move this anywhere.

You don’t know how to play Boldur, simple as that.

His early game is meh because you have to be more defensive.

He can stun/knock up with boldurdash and slow people with axe toss which becomes an aoe slow with RoP and he can slow with his fists.

The death penalty is only low in the beginning of a match.

His damage comes once he gets his ult, which isn’t as far off as you seem to think. And if you’re feeding the enemy kills as Boldur, you should never play him.


I hear even if your twitch aim is bad, you can elect to play with aim assist which brings up the skill floor on Marquis and Thorn by a lot. Anyone tried it ?

How tf yall put boulder ate the bottom of the list? He is hands down the tank in the game. Yall tripping and dont know how to boulder

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That’s hardly correct considering it’s ignoring the fact that to stay alive as Mellka, you NEED to stay very mobile and being able to escape with her cd abilities when things turn bad. Characters that are like that are NOT a majority. Saying that “everyone is weak to CC” is ignoring that most characters will survive CC better than mellka. Either because they’re further away from their enemies (sniper and long range types), because they have more health (tank types), because they have escape ability no influenced by slow (teleport, Isic’s dash, and so on, she’s one of the only char afaik that has the distance of travel of an ability reduced by a slow mechanism), because they have shield to protect them. The no shield is extremely problematic as well since immobile = every hit can be a crit for the opponent right from the start.
There is no reason to stop the venom. When playing with Mellka, you should take i naccount the fact that the poison will continue afterwards and retreat with slightly more health remaining. You don’t retreat low health when there’s snipers shooting at you right? If you can do that, mellka’s poison shouldn’t kill you afterwards that often either.

A blind can do nothing? Well guess what, a slow can do even less, because you need to run to the char to apply it and therefore expose yourself even more than remaining at mid range. And if you use the spike to escape from a ranged, it WILL do nothing per se.
Mellka’s escape skill are under a cooldown. Caldarius don’t need to worry about that and die stupidly because there was still 2sec left on your claw lunge when you needed it. and as far as escape ability goes, I’ll take Phoebe’s teleport or ISIC’s dash any time over Mellka’s claw lunge. I’ve been shot mid air by a homing rocket of benedict or a lucky shot from MArquis/Toby/thorn (and even several times by WF’s ult) far too often to not know the value of instant movements like that. I’ll also take Caldarius 'innate escape ability as well. Because when you’re silenced by Rath, you can actually escape. Mellka needs to deal with Rath’s ultimate without her skills and without shield either.

You can spam them tho.
Mellka isn’t weak, but she has more than enough weakness to NOT be called strong either. She really starts to wreak havoc at level 8. By then, most of the game is already behind you. It’s a simmilar case with Boldur, that yo uactually placed on D even though he’s a monster at high level.

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I’m chilled, on ice baby :smile:

What are your trying to move? The game has already been out a good period of time for everyone to analyse everything a zillion times over. It’s ok adding arguments about certain Battleborn and what you think should be done about them (constructively) - but what is your point?

We all know the Battleborn now so maybe add something more constructive, add new ideas. Tier lists are personal opinions and not to move the game on in anyway at all - we had them during the Beta.

I’ll say this too. Along with Galilea nobody else can really make you back off when your bullets and arrows are doing jack. Not a lot of people play him, but I hate playing against him if the player knows him well. Unfortunately a lot of random games are just not collective and he may get the wolves on him.

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So my thoughts are as follows:

  • Tier lists aren’t really appropriate / helpful in a game that’s balanced around role based team objective play.

  • The OP doesn’t have enough experience with a lot of the characters mentioned to postulate anything akin to match up numbers to validate his rankings.

  • Tier lists aren’t just supposed to be based on feelings and popularity. It’s supposed to be a way to empirically measure the tools / options available to a certain character, played at the highest level of competitive play, based on “winning” or favorable match ups.

I think a more interesting tier list would be based on performance / comparison of characters within their role instead of trying to compare the entire roster against itself like it’s a fighting game.


I can’t take this tier list serious. Just another thread to ask for more nerfs. Thorn is in a perfect place, blight is the only amazing thing about thorn and seriously? This person wants to further nerf Alani? Yeeeaaah.

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