Tier S Battleborns , and the new Meta game

Just out of curiosity.

Which characters do you consider Tier S or OP ?
What is the new META game, in your opinion (on each mode) ?

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Boldur is the only S+ Tier character at the moment still.

Kelvin is either S or at the top of A tier I think.


Boldur, Kelvin and my Rath are the only S tier characters :wink:


Argeed 99%
Althou ,Earnest can tone him down a bit


Pardon me?

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Rath might offer alot of CC and DMG, but that could be said as for Galilea and Attikus.
Rath is more of a Tier A IMO.


Not from the way I play him! He’s GOD TIER! Please don’t tell the devs…


Haha ok.
proceeds to report anyway


There is already a thread on this…


The only BB to damage him during his shield hard enough is klesse’ taser. Although kleese is not a good counter to boldur anyways.

Well ? It olds.
Old posts usually get forgotten


It’s only a few days old, haha…


I second the Boldur/Kelvin top tier comments.

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Rath isn’t S tier, he’s too squishy. Definitely still at A tier though!


All are my opinion based on things I have seen since being able to play for the past few weeks and keep in mind, as we go down I am not saying any character is bad, but I am putting them (at least in my mind) on terms of how often character is played, how well they do on average and putting those two factors into capable player’s hands)

S Tier (not really an S+tier person as I don’t think any of the Battleborn stand out that much anymore):
-Boulder, still for obvious reasons, even with constant nerfs the only hard counter to him is massive amounts of CC and/or the entire team surrounding and beating the stuffing out of him in a corner
-Attikus: With his recent buffs I was quite interested to see where the big boy Thrall himself would go, if this would be before 1.07 I would throw him down in B or C, but the talented Attikus players have put him up here thanks to Galilea’s fall from grace. He is an absolute monster from what I can tell with a better escape than Boulder. New/noob Attikus’ have trouble with leaving when they are supposed to, but make no mistake he is a terror
-Kelvin: Still the weakest of the tanks, but by no means not a threat, ignored in 1.07 he is still high up there and can be quite destructive in the right hands, but he barely escapes A level now that Galilea doesn’t hard counter him anymore. He is still quite counterable by many other characters.
-Thorn: The amount of DPS she pushes out is ridiculous and her evasive nature is stupid. Honestly she could stand some nerfs and has gone on long enough as top Damage dealer and most annoying sniper to warrant the target ban that used to be reserved for Beatrix

A Tier: Great characters to have at any time

-Alani: Despite her nerfs (which many support mains claim to have killed her), to the dedicated Alani mains I have seen no falter in her skill, just much needed balance to it. IF an Alani was good before, then the “nerfs” she got doesn’t really hurt her.

-Caldarius: As much as I hate playing against him, I have to admit, this guy can chase down better than most assassins, and escape in a more annoying/stylish fashion, depending on if you’re the one being killed or doing the killing. In Meltdown he is king.

-Benedict: Now that Beatrix and Galilea (arguably his two hardest counters) were significantly nerfed, Benedict’s may rise from the ashes of their blown up enemies once more. Thorns and Marquis with talented aim still hurt, but good Benedicts can hold their own with one or both of those counters on the other side, if they are doing well and if Thorn eats nerfs Benedicts may even be able to shrug off that max health standard build he has to basically wear at all times

-Ghalt: His ability to single out targets is still next to none and is the king of the grab and kill technique of old. Still very high up there and is the bread and butter for netting team assists and kills.

-Montana: With the loss of Galilea’s power and Beatrix’s nerf to the ground, Montana is easily top tank pick for any team after bans have been dished out. He is truly a behemoth in the right hands and again his added CC can really cause a lot of havok. Snipers can still hurt him in the early levels, but as games go on, he shrugs it off and keeps right on trucking.

-Shayne and Aurox: I would’ve put them in S tier if Aurox wasn’t so buggy right now, but Shayne’s ability to CC waves, Battleborn and their tank/versatile nature is almost unrivaled in the realm of melee characters. Thorns can peck at her large exterior, but this is one dynamic duo that is hard as hell to kill.

-Rath: Solid wave clear and the buff to Jennerit lifesteal abilities let him heal off of waves and his abilites much easier, meaning the longer the game goes, the better he gets, moreso than some other characters. He is still squishy early, which prevents S tier, but his interrrupt and DPS can be pretty frightening.

-Toby: Stun mines and range, his only real hard counters are Thorns, Marquis and W.F. everyone else just has to grind their teeth and curse at the little guy from afar. His huge hit box still hurts him, but the power in his wave clear and ranged DPS keeps him trucking high on the tier list. That being said, when he is countered, he is countered hard.

-Miko: This Mushroom still heals targets and the Pocket Miko is alive and well to this day. It’s still quite frustrating to see him somehow heal the entire team with flawless percision (yes quite jealous, I’m not that good of a Miko, trust me I tried lol).

B Tier: Great characters, in the right hands

-Deande: I wanna put her higher because Nemo, Phoenix and Shadows, but to be fair (at least on PS4) those are like the top three threatening Deande’s on the system. I am often quoted in saying unless a Deande is one of those three, I am not scared of her. She can be a nightmare in the right hands, but in the wrong hands, feeds too much and ends up not being a factor, even if her team wins.

-El Dragoon: After biting arguably the hardest nerf in the game’s history, El Dragoon players were dropping faster than the character itself in Incursion games. However, patience and some buffs to balance later and he’s back up there, just (thankfully) not as monsterous as he used to be. Still threatening, it’s definitely a sigh of relief across veteran players everywhere when they bump into an El Dragoon that doesn’t know what he is doing, because he is capable of some nasty things with people who do.

-Ambra: She still sustains groups pretty well, but unless she’s doing exactly what she needs to do the majority of the match, she’s a big hinderance.

-Orendi: I don’t see nearly as many Orendi’s as I used to, which could be a good or bad thing, either way. I never found her to really be that bad (being a Benedict main unless something was terribly wrong I almost never got caught in the middle of a pillarstorm). She is strong if people know what they are doing, but her scarcity speaks volumes imo

-Marquis: Thanks to Thorn’s ascension into Sniper godhood, Marquis was left in the dust in my opinon. He’s still quite good, just not Thorn level good. He is quite nasty in the right hands, but he’s balanced and where he should be. I like the challenge of playing as him and playing against him.

-Oscar Mike: Probably what rounds out my B-list, a good wave clear and he can specialize in a lot of things (attack damage, skill damage, wave clear, buildables) he slots into a lot of roles and helps support the team as a whole.

C Tier: Average, unless you’re playing as a Master of the character

  • Whisky Foxtrot: IMO he only doesn’t make B tier because he doesn’t have as much to aid his escapes as O.M, but he is still good. It hurts to see someone who doesn’t excel at him die over and over again because he is fairly easy to burst down if one is not paying attention.

-Pendles: Still hurts to see Pendles around, but if said Pendles is patient and doesn’t do dumb things, even then it can be hard to justify his inclusion on the team. If everything works in his favor, he’s back in his glory days, being the fear of every low health character ever. Orendi’s reveal is the only one that hurts him after Marquis’ owl nerf.

-Phoebe: There are a few Phoebe mains, and non-mains, who probably wanna slap me, but I never found her that good. I know she’s the original OP, but original doesn’t mean current. Compared to the rest of the melee cast, she is average and without skilled play results in feeding/obsoleteness.

-Galilea: I was curious to see where Galilea would end up after these nerfs and thankfully the area was “balanced”. I rote her off as terrible initially when shown what the shell of what was her pull had been shown to me (Being a Benedict main that was what kept me up at night). She can still tank and can fill in tank spots well when other tanks are banned/picked, but she is no longer top dog, thank god. Only took a year Gearbox, now if you could handle the Thorn/Boulder thing that would be nice.

Kid Ultra/Ernest: I honestly was just to lazy to create two different ones for them. Ernest’s slow egg is still cancer, but the amount of people who are tired of his BS outweigh it and usually, unless under extreme circumstances, it doesn’t do much to hinder unless he is staunchly defended by his team and he stays out of range of anyone with a pull or crosshairs on his fat feathered ass. Kid Ultra is slightly the same, only with heals and a pod mode.

-Melka: Her pros. Tiny frame, highly evasive, hard to kill. Cons: Not high DPS unless to single target, rather squishy early, and not a huge presence unless a master is playing her. Balanced, but still not something I would call threatening unless certain people played her

-Beatrix: Hah suck it. Sorry had to get that out. The queen be nerfed and it feels so good.

D Tier; be a master or don’t play it

-ISIC (already know a certain someone will deny this, but give me a second). Unless said ISIC is performing flawlessly (and I would only trust a few people to play said ISIC), then he is not high on the tier list. He is not bad, but people who play him below the high means of the game are bad. He is still strong, just not without peerless play and exceptional practice

Kleese (I mean E) Tier

-Honestly, shouldn’t have to explain this one too much. He’s big and unless he’s being played by an absolute god from the very back of the entire squad, then he is not a threat and should be popped whenever possible.


You consider Toby “A” tier, and so i love you now…

I don’t even care that it’s weird…


Pendles is S in my book. Reaching level 9 and getting the -.5 second injection cooldown per hit, as well as the +20% attack speed and 60% Inject damage as health is OP in good hands and gear.

In capture, i’ve gotten so much joy circling behind an enemy while cloaked as they’re trying to capture a point. That alone is worty of S.


Don’t event bother. There are very few amazing Pendle players out there that it makes sense for some to rate this BB in low tiers.


Thorn’s certainly a counter, but not necessarily a hard counter. It may be due personal “preference” in relation to counters, but I find Thorn & even Whiskey to be managable for the most part. The biggest threats in Incursion at least for me are Marquis, Ghalt & Montana.

I’ll make an overall reply later with my tier list to this thread, about to start a match :thumbsup:


You seem to be the only one besides myself who views Marquis as a greater counter than Thorn.