Tier skins = money?

Saw an article from MentalMars that Tier 3 skins (The only ones that matter) would be only obtainable through micro-transactions. Please don’t say this is true, especially since (here comes the comparison!) Overwatch will have NO micro-transactions, has those tier 3 skins for free, AND the base game price is $40…It would make NO sense for BB to have micro-transactions being a more expensive game AND having a Season Pass.

That is the article and he never said they would be, he speculated they would be.

The tier 3 skins will probably be behind a small pay wall.
Tier 1 – Re-colors
Tier 2 – Themed Skins
Tier 3 – Exclusive Skins (probably micro transactions)

Just to make sure we are clear

Could everyone pleas stop saying stuff like “well Overwatch does/doesn’t blah blah blah.” You’re not Battleborn’s ex-girlfriend. (That’s less directed at you, Vorp, and more directed toward the public at large.)

To actually answer your question, apart from PvE mission packs as DLC, GBX has been pretty insistant that they don’t plan on doing microtransactions at all. Unless I’m mistaken, the only skins and taunts advertised as being pay for only have been the ones bundled with said mission packs.

Tier 2 skins (which also matter, by the way) are said to be included in the free updates, so hopefully tier 3s are the same.


Well, yeah, I just jump to the worst possible outcome =/
But do you know if they will be or not?!

I wanted to not bring Overwatch up, but it was THEE perfect thing to bring up seeing as they have Tier 1-3 skins AND they are all free. (Noted, that’s why I didn’t want to bring up OW, because I know how many others are comparing the 2 games.)

Aye, they may have said that, but will they hold true to it =/? I mean, I personally don’t care if they have Mirco-transactions for the loots packs, like Halo 5 for the REQ packs, so long as in return, we get free DLC out of it and we are able to buy Loot packs without real money.

Only GBX knows and we will know when they tell us.

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But you’re purple, you’re practically part of GBX!
Also to have that trust in GBX after Evolve and Aliens: Colonial Marines, is asking for quite a lot…

Yeah… I know man. You were just sort of the one millionth customer, so you were the one Stewie snapped at. Sorry:sweat_smile:


True, but he doesn’t get a paycheck.

They have already said that there will be paid skins.

That’s why Battleborn has a huge variety of skins and taunts that come with the game at launch, and we will continue to release even more cosmetic customizations post-launch – some of which we will sell in-game.

I figured as much, it’s cool xD

So it is true!


I don’t see the big deal if it is just cosmetics. If they come up with something so awesome I feel like I have to pay extra to get it, then Kudos to them.


I agree. I don’t see the issue here just as long as the prices match the quality.

Tier 2 skins should never be microtransaction though since we paid for the game :3


Because in a game where they have skins, getting the “best” skins are a must. Do you play Smite, LoL or Team Fortress 2 without any cosmetics? Are you mad?!

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Personally I’m kind of pissed that when I pay 65€ for a game I don’t get all the content that comes with it. But it’s an online game and servers cost so I guess it’s needed. As long as it’s not something like Supply Drops where you pay to get screwed by RNG, I can live with it.

Please don’t ask how much money I’ve spent on Marvel Heroes or Warframe…

i want to see the game continue to grow and thrive. I want to see new PvE content, new modes for PvE and PvP, new characters etc. if microtransactions on cosmetics helps accomplish that I’m ok with it.

while I understand the “I’ve paid for it, I should get everything” sentiment, that simply isn’t the way it works anymore. If this old dog can get used to the idea (and I’ve been playing computer games since the 70s) I’m sure other people can too. Games are expensive to make and expensive to maintain, especially online multiplayer games.

Again, though, it is on them to create skins that are so awesome that people are willing to shell out money for them. League does a great job with that. I wonder how much people would pay for a Tiny Tina skin for Orendi…

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i’m willing to support this game and gearbox in any way and if that happens to also involve getting skins i am in


Evolve was not gearbox


I think you’re taking the “we would like to sell them ingame” out of context. I take that to mean they will sell them using the in game money, and not real money. They’ve stated to the press there will never be microtransactions so I think in game currency makes more sense


What @jjand302 said, nothing here confirms micro transactoins

Haha, forgot about the credits for a minute. This could also be a possibility.
If they can afford not having microtransactions in Battleborn, I’d prefer that.

Battleborn Tap does sell credits for real currency, but that money is (I hope) shared between the apps maker and GBX. I think it was BeeSquare? That logo of theirs is effective…