Ties That Bind + Allure

I thought it would be cool if allure could draw enemies in that might not otherwise be in range of Ties That Bind but it doesn’t seem to work. Are these abilities just not meant to work together?

It still works, I use it half the time, but only on the singularly grasped target. Radius is a bit small, but the crowd control is nice.

Maybe I’m not understanding something. If it only works on the singularly grasped target what is it doing that TTB isn’t already doing?

TTB doesn’t do any crowd control by itself. The linked targets will not be moved or stunned in any way. Allure makes a small rift around the target. Depending on where you are fighting this is can be great or not. It works wonders in the Arena but less so in Proving grounds, for example. Skills like Stillness of Mind and Glamour will give the CC effect as long the target is linked. Soul Sap will also heal for all the damage that is shared. I don’t know about Revelation, because it is so rarely used.

Also, until it is patched don’t use Glamour. Currently it will make the target and linked targets into friendlies that can’t be damaged.

Bottom line is the radius needs huge improvement. Even with ascendant it’s not very good imo (the pull radius) the effect itself is fine