Ties that Bind build on mayhem 4?

This is the first time I’ve played since the major round of nerfs they did in October. Hex, Lucians Call etc.

Does this build work very well on mayhem 4? I feel like I’m struggling.

Using things like Butcher, Lucians Call, Laser sploder, Night Hawkin, Crossroads, Hex etc.

Okay yeah Mayhem 3 still feels pretty good. So it seems like 4 is the issue.

Mayhem 4 requires good annoiteds

Try to get a grenade and shield with the +50% bonus Elemental Damage Anointments. They crank your damage up by quite a bit. Any grenade will do, but you still want an acceptable shield. Just play the game and check the vending machines or Earl in Sanctuary. If you can get them on your shield of choice, congratulations. For me, I had like 5 Transformer drops so far and only one was even Anointed.