Ties that Bind mechanics

I’m curious about how the damage sharing will work.
If, for example, I bind two enemies together, and set them both on fire seperatly,
does each one individualy take 2xfire damage? (One for each foe I set on fire)


I’m not quite sure to be honest that would be a cool idea. However i don’t remember fire damage working that way but ok.

And if that works in BL3 That would be intresting .

He isn’t talking about fire damage, he’s talking about Amara’s skill transfering damage to multiple enemies.
I can’t think of a reason why OP’s description wouldn’t be true.


I don’t know about you but i was busy and did not get much of the gameplay watched on twitch yet. Only about 1 Hour

" Ties that Bind: Amara summons a giant fist that bursts from the ground and locks the targeted enemy in place for a few seconds. Enemies near the Grasped target are linked, and any damage dealt to a linked target is shared between all other linked targets."

It’s a tier 4 skill. It seems to me that if you set 2 linked enemies on fire with 10 dps, individually they will indeed take 20 dps each, 10 from the fire, and 10 from the link.

If you guys say something that is a skill please put (Skill) this can confuse ppl.

So in theory, you could bind X enemies together, and if you drop a granade that manages to catch them all, then each enemy will take X times grande damage. That’s pretty hardcore

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Can’t wait

I would think there would be diminishing returns. The skill would be super OP if you could wipe out a whole brigade that just busted down a door by just casting your action skill once then shooting one dudebro and mopping up all his homies at the same time.

The way I am interpreting it is that the damage is shared and not fully dealt to each linked enemy. So for instance if you have 2 enemies linked and do 10 damage to one, you actually end up doing 5 to each as they split the damage. So the question posed by OP is fire damage and igniting both, you would end up doing 1x fire damage to each, .5 from each enemy.

But again, that is just the way i interpret it. I believe that is how one of Jacks skills worked in TPS with damage dealt to him was shared with the clones.

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Well if that’s the case then I don’t want it


It can definitely be interpreted in two ways, but the reason I think OP is right, is because, like @B33F-SUPR3M3 said, if damage was divided among targets, the skill would arguably be a downgrade rather than something desirable.

If you don’t like it there is always more vault hunters to choose from.

Or other skills

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Yes it depends on who you are . But everyone speaking about borderlands 3 . We are all different and the same as well.
And Samantix thanks for the info
And from the info provided it looks like this could be monsterous and destroy everything that is near amara god damn!!!
This skill will be amazing no doubt !!!

Just leaving this here


How this could be a downgrade? You damage enemies you are not shooting.
Seems like Chain Reaction.


There’s ALSO a chain reaction!

Which means, you can share damage and bounce bullets to share damage!


Amara seems like a 2.0 Maya. She has almost everything Maya had, if not everything.

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