Ties that Bind work with Laid Bare/Samsara?

I dunno if they do, I know Samsara apparently requires AS causing damage? But since I have Ties that Bind with Singularity, it’s nothing but control, right?

Samsara works only with Fist Over Matter.

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@GrzesPL Well that is good to know. Just to be clear, are you saying that Samsara does not work at all with Phasegrasp/TTB? It seems like that is what you are saying so I wanted to clarify. I am not really an Amara player but I have been messing around with creating builds for her lately and I have been occasionally spec’ing Samsara with TTB, but it looks like I might be wasting those points.

Yes, FOM is the only Grasp action skill that proc Samsara.

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What about Laid Bare?

It should work with ttb , in theory, if you try to grasp a non-graspable target.