Tigg's Boom 15 chars

As the games stands, are these worth keeping?

I just got three from MTD.

Thanks for any thoughts.

On a scale of, “if the weapon can’t one-shot Wotan, I don’t want it” to “won’t even tickle a skag pup at level 1”, it’s somewhere in the middle.

I think it hits pretty hard still, but I play with Moze with a ton of splash perks (and am not at either of those extremes for gear expectations).

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…laughing… thanks.

What!!? It won’t one-shot Wotan? #%#&#$$*


it is worth keeping because they choose guns randomly to buff so they might as well buff it if it strikes their fancy


Ive had good results and fun with x18 variants on Moze built with lots of splash and AOE boosts.

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It’s pretty decent. I think it really comes down to how many projectiles you get but I’ve been getting fairly decent results on Zane before DLC 5 came out.

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thanks everyone!

The Tigg’s Boom special effect seems to still proc pretty inconsistently for me. It’s definitely a solid weapon when it works, but it still seems to me that it doesn’t always proc when it should. At least on Xbone.

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