TIL: How do you feel about recoil?

Oy these forums are slow but the most devoted BB folks live around here lol.
Anyway, I’m one of those Bea’s who find herself in and out of scope probably for equal amounts of time. Often I wish I had less recoil for helping take down the tiny enemy Orendi, Thorn, and Marquis.
Any suggestions for that gear without too much gimp? Legendary or purple? Chances are I have them in my hoarding bank.
Legendary perhaps Stable exec or Starkweather and maybe Cya module but on the cheaper side, I don’t know.

I don’t play Beatrix in PvP usually, but I do like her a lot in PvE.
There may be another issue that you’re having that’s not Recoil.
It’s easier to notice in PvE in levels like The Sentinel and The Algorithm.

The issue I’m referring to is that Beatrix’s Scope isn’t exactly centered.
Rather, her shots seem to originate below the tip of her syringe making her accuracy slightly off.
In PvE you see this as body shots that should have been head shots and, when firing from areas of different elevation, projectiles grounding themselves into stairs instead of firing over the apex like the scope indicates that it should.

Regardless, even trying to hit an Orendi with Patient Zero as an ally is a skill/luck achievement in and of itself.
I have a friend who mains Orendi and we just don’t use them together any more.

As for Recoil, the Peacekeepers get Recoil Reduction as a minor trait.
Uncommon grants bonuses for 5 seconds after a Reload, so that can be decent for certain builds.
Beatrix’s Character Legendary opens up a harassment sniper option that uses hit and run tactics that is best when NOT paired with my usual Helix go to of Prescription Affliction, making me lean toward Vitality Chirality at level 4.
That UPR Gear with a minor trait of Recoil Reduction comes with Movement Speed, Sprint Speed, CC Duration, or Cooldown Reduction as the major trait.
There are Gear options with Recoil Reduction as the main trait.
UPR has Reload Speed as the minor.
LLC gets Shield Recharge Delay.
Eldrid, HP Regen.
Rogue, CC Duration.

For Legendaries:
Anti-Motion Brace gives the most Recoil Reduction when scoped in.
Starkweather’s Oscillator is the best for holding your ground and shooting.
Friction Fizz and RDC-Ground Pounders are the best when staying mobile.
Stable Executioner is the best all around for DD and anti-CC
So you can choose which one appeals to you most based on your play style.

If you have to run recoil, I suppose I would go with an epic with reload speed or hp/s for offensive Beatrix.

Support Beatrix: Cya Module or epic CDR with recoil reduction secondary.

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Cool. I’m not saying you have to but it seems like it would be helpful if you’re having to play extra defensive.

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Taking it as a secondary is optimal, as it has the highest ratio of secondary to primary (80%!). I’d (personally, probabaly just me) reccomend not taking it at all though. Her shots take a little adjustment but with the travel time it appears attack speed or something akin may benefit you more.

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