Time control (Fast forward)

There was supposed to be time control (or time dilatation) where i can fast forward while nothing is really happening. Or like the end of missions where there are still resources to be collected before going into hyperspace.

The option isnt there (at least not in HM1R), and its really needed!

Hope this get into a patch soon!.

My 2cents!

  • Pops pipe into mouth and leans back in the rocking chair

“In my day we had to WAIT to collect all the resources on the map. Back then it gave a man time ta think about the deeper things in life. Hmph. Now we have Iphoons and androids and linuxes ta distract us. It might do ya some good to sit back and think a bit. And you can take that to the bank!”

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Two words: Mission Nine.

I always just left it on and read a book.

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You no longer need to stay to collect resources.

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There are still plenty of other times you want to turn on time dilation though. For example times where you’re waiting for extra ships to construct or research before moving on, or before triggering the next part of a mission.

I’ll thrown in my vote for a way to dilate time being added in the next patch. I know we saw it in the PAX build, so I hope they can give it to us on Retail too.

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Yes, Agreed. It would be nice to have.

Considering it was one of the better improvements of Cataclysm It seems odd not to have added a time compression feature to the HW1 remaster.
The auto harvest of HW2 was a pain for those like me who liked to tweak their fleet at the end of a mission and do a manual save before a jump.

So a +1 for me to see it added.


I need fast forward, like in SupCom.

Time compression was only a feature in Homeworld: Cataclysm. It didn’t exist in the other games, but HW2 compensated by just doing auto-harvesting, which made harvesting in later missions meaningless :smiley:

I would like to see this feature in HW1 Remastered though, but it may be a little immersion breaking and should be a toggle option.

Being in the middle of cataclysm right now makes me want to see this modded into HWRM by some enterprising soul even more. Speeds of x2, x4, x6 and x8 were a great way of cleaning up at the end of a mission, zipping across the map or running through a build queue before a hyperspace jump.

Also don’t forget the time dilation went the other way as well x1/2 and x1/4 if you wanted to slow the combat down a little without stopping it completely.

I wonder how hard something like this would be to mod in ?


Well it was present at PAX so it can’t be too hard.

They said at PAX it was probably going to be something enterprising folks could find and enable, so I presume it’s still in the game files somewhere, and just needs to be enabled. Scour those files! I suggest Notepad++.


HW1 Remastered does have the auto-harvesting feature. I just tested it out. When you hit the hyperspace button, all remaining resources are automatically added to your bank.

Time dilation would still be nice, though.

No, I was referring to HW1 Classic. I consider HW1 RM’s auto harvest to be completely inferior and useless, since many have said that it doesn’t collect “all” resources on the map. :smiley:


Ahh. I Haven’t followed any other conversations about it, so I don’t know what others said. I also don’t have the time or concern to count up the resources on a given map and then test the auto harvest feature, so I guess they win by default. All I’ll say is that I hyperspaced out of a level, after I had already been harvesting throughout the mission, and I still received a few thousand additional RUs. Dunno if I got ripped off by a couple hundred, but I’m cool with it in exchange for not sitting here for two hours watching harvesters work :stuck_out_tongue:

Sometimes I enjoy watching the harvesters work, it’s relaxing after a hard won battle… :slight_smile:

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I haven’t tested the auto harvesting sense the initial launch of the game. But during that time, there was one mission in garden of kadesh where I had hyperspaced, thinking well obviously this game has hw2s awesome auto resource collection. And when I got to the next mission I was like hmm, only 2-3k+ res? This seemed odd to me, so I went back to the previous mission, sense I have a nice habit of saving after I’m done with everything. Most players likely do this automatically, because they don’t know what may happen in the next mission, and end up needing a different strategy. Anyways, this is also when I discovered the harvester bug. After all the resourcers returned home, I’m looking out there and I still see resources all over the place. So I tell them to harvest again, and they head back out there. This literally has to be repeated over and over and over again. In any case when I was finally done I had like 9k+ resources more in the next mission, as opposed to the original 2-3k res, from the auto collection. I wasn’t sure if the harvester bug, and the auto collect bug were connected. In any case I haven’t seen any bug fixes related to this, so I’m sure its still a problem.

Also I would love to see the time compression made available to us. There are plenty of places it could be useful in these games.

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I had to do exactly the same thing. It’s like the harvesters are lazy, just trying to get out of doing their job…

I blame the bloody unions… :neutral_face:

In the classic version the harvesters had an innate knowledge of the location of all the resources on any given map. So one simple harvest command and they will pug at it till there’s nothing but Gravel remaining. You just had to keep I eye on them as they would happily follow a trail of resources right down the barrel of an enemy ion cannon the moment you turned your back. :grimacing:

It seems the harvester no longer have this ability. and sometimes struggle to spot resources that are directly under there noses , which might be why that auto harvest feature seem a little buggy.

It would be more of an issue if Resources were tight like in the first half of the classic version, but as there seems to be tons of the stuff around, its not too much of an annoyance :frowning:

I was more peeved by the stupid hyperspace button at end of mission. honestly did it really need to be right in the middle of the screen ?

me to… Though if they could also run around at x8 speed for when I want to move on. I’d not be complaining either :slight_smile: