Time for a level cap increase for BL3!

We have an amazing game here. The DLC (except designers cut) was super fun.
There are broken things in the game but nothing that impedes enjoyment and completion, I don’t see any need to revisit bugs from my experience.
If we can’t get a new dlc it’s time for a level cap bump.
Second A new ultraviolet class of guns would be cool (3 each class maybe) 1 op’d for each class.

Thanks for the great game!
Looking forward to Tina, you have a high benchmark as Bl2 tiny tina DLC was one of the best DLC’s I ever played. The emotional connection to tina and Roland’s death was key make this one her final acceptance he’s moved on or something. I offer free storyboard ideas if you need any, I’m best at improving storyboards though.


Um, as much as I like skill points I don’t really want a cap increase. That would mean re-farming weapons.


No, thanks


No and no.


Yeeeeaaahh… Nope :sweat_smile:

We can already cap 2 trees :rofl:

We need a new difficulty cap though :muscle:


Refarming gear?
One-time gear awards from vault cards or missions then become under-leveled?
We can already go down to 2 capstones on the skill trees, so why add more skill points?
Plus the game is so simple at this point that people are doing non-meta builds just to keep it interesting, so why add more skill points?
Please don’t do it, Gearbox.


c’mon ladies you are beating a dead horse. think for more than just yourselves. I won’t be going back to BL unless there’s a reason to, a new level cap would give reason and the legend grind isn’t that hard. Lets keep the community playing this rather then let it die off playerbase. You aren’t getting more dlc campaign missions so deal with it.

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What’s the point in increasing level cap in BL3 when you’ll be max level in barely hour, but now you have to regrind all your weapons and gear just for few skill points.


What does that have to do with my post?

I said a new difficulty increase… Mayhem 12 on maybe more…

Bought SP2 thinking i would have something to do, though i’m bored again because it became even easier



ironic given your reasoning for wanting an increased level cap

like the Cartel event returning this month? or new vault cards coming later this year? those seem like good reasons


Yes same here…a new level cap would be so nice…we have so much cool dlcs , the level cap is just a little too low .but this is just my opinion please dont beat me for that

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You have Guardian Ranks and Vault Cards to level up.

From a “build diversity” standpoint, the level cap should have stayed at level 60. This offers basically a 2 tree heavy build or 1 capstone/3 tree setup. Increasing the level cap would simply numb the build variery potential even further by offering potentially 3 capstone builds leaving no sacrifice for skills at level cap. Before long everyone has <5 skillpoint variance between build 1 or 2.
sacrifice = variety

They would be better off giving unlimited skillpints and giving bonuses for using fewer skillpoints. If you use 50-55 skillpoints you get higher drop rates than if you used 75.

Edit: Just for clarity farming new gear wouldn’t even be an issue for me, if anything it would give me a fresh resolve to play BL3.


Cartel yes :grin: hope it beats the boredom i have atm :rofl:

Vault card… Bought SP2 a week ago and i’m bored again haha the vault card isn’t really special :sweat_smile: i have no idea why that’s payed content… (apart from them wanting more money) they should justz give it to everyone


Thank you, you opened my eyes with your selfless statement that level cap should be increased so you can come back to the game. I take back my “no thanks”


The story isn’t interesting enough for me to want to slog thru any part of it again to gain more levels. I can play at M11 just fine. I’m more in line with @garfield1283 and @vCarpeDiemv suggestions- implementing either of their ideas would bring me back to play BL3 consistently.


What about no?
Level cap is behind us and I am not missing it one bit, give it a rest.


No Thanks, think of all the rebalancing that would have to be done for another level cap. Rather they take that time and fix all the issues that they have been looking into since launch.


I’d rather they add a skill point SDU than increase the level cap. Even then I think it’s fine where it is at. Aside from max level being an odd number, builds are already good where it’s at. Probably even a bit much but not too drastic.

No Thanks!
Look at my recent threads about gun balance and tell me we need another level cap to ruin all the hard work they have put in the last 5 months with all the buffs to trash items.

We need anointments added to quest rewards and then some event or reason to replay the story to acquire all the newly buffed items