Time for a new paradigm? (guns n stuff)

Coming from a place of love and appreciation since Borderlands.

Inventory management consumes quite a bit of time, one might observe. Mayhem*, vending machines**, multi-player***, no loadout packages****. Like many I have a good console (or PC for you fingers-keyboard-y types) that works great with other games, but bogs down when trying to scroll through near-infinite lists of gear picked up, in the backpack, or in the bank*****. Legendaries are awesome but now there are so many, along with their less-legendary mere red-text brethren and sistren, that it takes entire threads just to attempt to explain the math involved******.

Is there a world where we pull back on the sheer variety of equipment so we can refocus on killing bad guys? Rather than just getting dressed for the damn party?

*Some like it, some don’t. We can all agree it takes more time to manage our gear
** Still not working right
*** Not doing it myself because Ancient Dragon, but many reports indicate menu hell
**** Or whatever the kids are calling pre-configured sets of gear that can be quickly accessed in-game and modified at leisure when hanging round the barracks
***** I can’t call to mind other games where the community is calling for unlimited bank, but that might just be my elderliness
****** Nothing but respect. You guys are way more patient and better with numbers than I

well, after all, this is a loot game like diablo
the more guns and other equipment exist, the more build variety there is
sometimes i simply wait for a new dlc to have a chance to improve my character or try something new