Time For HGL (Helix Gamers League) to leave Battleborn Esport Scene?

We have been here sense the week Battleborn released. We have ran amazing tournaments, but here recently no one has showed interest in the League. I’m not talking about the legendary tournaments those are new. We have been running a league format for plenty of time announced $2,000 dollar crowd fiunded prize pools for all platforms and have ran the same rules for quite some time now. Now here 2 weeks back we stopped the PC and Xbox Tournaments. Then new tournaments poped up using our same rules and now the community has been excited for those. So why do people not Like HGL? You can’t say we were not advertising because we did every week on multiple fourms, social media, and reddit. Were people not interested 2 weeks ago and are now extremely interested? Or is it something more?

This is not to hate on other tournaments.

Well I can say one option that happened to me, and that was team placement. I didn’t know my whole team had to register for the website and cost us not being able to enter. I tried to put myself on a freelance team and I wasn’t matched with anyone. Also the tournament started 3 hours earlier than what I was originally told so I couldn’t get a team together fast enough to try and make it.

So basically that felt to me too much effort for no real purpose. I just wanna be able to just go in, put my team down, play people, and win/lose. It was such a pain and headache to try and get everything together that it didn’t even feel like I was playing a game, but I was doing a niche business plan.

I feel a way to correct this is that if team members want to be registered then have them register, but ultimately let it boil down to the team captain to get his team name and team down so he can register them, not have to have each one get specific emails. Also, last minute changes are no beuno, either have the tournament or tell each person specifically that the times have changed.

That’s all I got.

We have never changed a tournament time the day of the tournament, we always give a 48 hour notice if things change. If there is not 5 free agents who have checked in you can not be put on a team, because their is no one to pair you up with. Also email registration is not required for our tournaments, but it is required for Battlefy when you first make a team. Nothing I can do about that. Now if someone told you the wrong time that is not my fault sense you did not contact me or any one from management. Also Battlefy will tell you when the tournament starts, when check in Starts, and when check in ends.

I didn’t get a 48 hour notice I assure you, also there were 8 free agents on top of 3 teams, I asked about it and was told that at least 10 free agents are needed and it’s for free agent tournaments only. It was in HGL discord and I didn’t see any info of personally contactiing anyone from there. But even then, that’s a lot of work (and by then it does become work) for a weekly tournament. After awhile I just gave up.

The only way I can register for the tournament is through Battlefy so in a sense it is required for your tournaments. I was checked in and waited for about 40 minutes and never got a message or anything about joining a team.

If it was for free agents only then how did 3 teams join? That makes no sense, but anyhow I looked through our past tournaments on Battlefy which you can to and there was no tournament that only had 3 teams sign up. Plus contacting an admin and or management is your responsibility as a player if you have a question. I don’t understand how PMing someone is to much work? Your team only has to register your emails once and that is to register your team into the Battlefy team data base.

It was three or so teams (I don’t remember the exact number) and about 8 or so free lancers. I wouldn’t lie about this I have no reason too as it does nothing for me. I was told I couldn’t join a freelance team as free lance players can only be paired up if there’s enough to throw a freelance tournament.

You asked a question and I answered from my experiences. I contacted the discord several times which had you in there if I remember correctly (I was Master Shogi of the Shogi Race) you answered questions I had, including the time it started (it said 7 originally and then it was changed to 3 or so on the day of the tournament) I was there for about 40 minutes with a few other free lancers and we didn’t get an answer. I eventually just took a nap waiting.

I’ll go back and look at the date as I have the messages on my PSN.