Time for the guru to check in

Where are my fellow monks?

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Only their pieces are floating in Karos graveyard…

Checkin’ in. I like them fightin’ words Hawk :wink:

Checking in =D

I’m so here bro. Trying to get my skype up and running.

momoguru checking in!

the guru website is being constructed, we should have a home by next week.

Looking forward to seeing you guys again.

Agreed Looking forward to seeing you soon.

o7 forsaken lord.

WRAITH!!! wassup bud, been awhile huh. anyway, see you in game :wink:

Fallen Lord but I’ll forgive you, it’s been a while after all… :wink:

oh crap this is wraith?

yeah rata, hows that for an elephant memory. i knew i recognized the name.

Is there a chat in the multiplayer, or just steam chat or wtf am I missing lol

No lobby yet teq, It’s one of the bigger complaints for obvious reasons.

Wow, they dropped the ball there, I mean, it isn’t difficult to implement, weird

Steam IDs, give up.

I will always be either ratamaq or ratamaguru.

I’ve heard horror stories of people using steam voice chat groups.

OH, the horror. Steam voice chat is the pits.

I am not even sure if they can create a lobby chat with steam. There are games out there that had lobby chats and then once they went steam did not any longer for whatever reason.

You’ve got to be kidding me, this game will certainly not survive without some type of lobby.

Everyone, over to IRC!

Acoguru checking in.

Let’s burn some in space!

Steam ID is kotton06

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