Time killer + any -1 sec shield recharge delay

Perma shield regen… It wont stop recharging.
@jythri @JoeKGBX

While all skills are in cd shield recharge delay -4 add a 0 cost while -1 shield recharge delay, add shield recharge per second. That means instant shield and 104 shield regen.

Characters like phoebe, shane and ghalt with +100 shield per second is near imposible unless 5 focuse on him/her.


Frustrating is barely enough. This should be addresed asap.


It’s funny because exactly the same exploit existed in the ctt. I guess they forgot.

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Holy shields, Batman. I just tested it thinking no way it was that bad. It is worse. Ouch.

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Adding a shield recharge delay -4 on one item is just…


The base delay is 5 seconds, so it’s super easy to exploit it… I dunno how they didn’t SEE that.


Well… People have been saying shield penetration is useless… Lol, not anymore.


Ha-ha-ha… :cry: i made a loadout of shield penetration for that…


And that’s how Oscar Mike became meta again.


Thorn has a lot of shield pen

Do you think you can lvl fast enough when you have a phoebe with 200 shield reg and 30 dr?

P.s it’s a joke.

Is not :cry: thats why i picked Om…

Damn, I was just thinking Whiskey Foxtrot with his level 10 shield pen, but a match with that kind of abuse won’t last long.

Well, I would hope something like this gets addressed quickly, because that’s a fairly hefty gamebreaking exploit.

So correction:

That’s how Oscar Mike became meta again for about a week.

Also, can Thorn reach 100 percent shield pen? I don’t play her much, I just know for a fact OM can get 100.

I can see why this could be abused, particularly by Ghalt and Pheobe, but don’t all skills have to be on C/d for this to be active and how often is that occurring once you have your ult, or do you just spam the skills nonstop and then count on insta shield regen when your skills are down?

Basically. This is why people are specifically referring to Phoebe and Shaurox, because both depend on skill spam (Phoebe) or can easily exchange their skills for effective immortality (Shaurox).

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That could be problematic too with Deande, who can pour her shield reserves into her Burst Dash to deal serious damage. Kleese as well. Yikes, Time Killer is easily exploitable.

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Galilea with a healer is imposible to kill… I tested her…

Paging Dr. @Nemosis327 and Sir Professor @blainebrossart1

This seems highly exploitable. Really useful for Kelvin as well, especially with micro colony

Just lost a game because an almosy unkillable phoebe was harassing us so much, this needs to go as soon as possible!