Time to add Beast and Somtaw

I could careless about the single player campaign and if that sped time to market to add Beast and Somtaw to the multiplayer choices, I would be really pleased. I think added new army types is what kept Dawn of War 1 alive and fresh. Of course this takes balancing which Relic always did really well.

Anyone else want to see Beat and Somtaw added? No need for single player =)

While I do agree, since HWC was my most memorable HW game, it cannot and should not be done right now. HW1 and HW2 are not balanced yet and there have been reports stating that the source code for HWC is lost. Later down the line? Definitely would be nice to have the Somtaaw and The Beast. But much later.


Source code being lost is not a valid excuse…Since cataclysm was in the HW1 engine, remastered is a revamped HW2 engine…

But even so Cataclysm just won’t fit in remastered…I would like to see some attempt at remastered somtaaw ships and beastified remastered ships.

I would love to see the Beast and Somtaaw back. However, the HW1 races are pretty borked and HWC is based on the same game engine. I think it would just add more problems.

It would be better in my opinion to get HW1 functionality back, then HW1/HW2 balance worked out before adding 2 more races and their respective functionality and balance issues.

If Gearbox can get HW1 races to play like HW1 races did before (I hope it’s even possible with the HW2 engine base) and can figure out how to balance them vs HW2 (I don’t envy that task), I’d say Beast and Somtaaw would be an obivous DLC (and would create tremendous excitement).

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any such DLC, or cataclysm remake/expansion would probably depend totally on sales. in any case, when viewed from the producer’s perspective it makes no sense since the payoff is less than for games which they had the code for, but more work. doubt they’d be willing to do it unless conditions were almost perfect. probably left up to the modding community, assuming they don’t trip any legal barriers ;\

hmm as far as I understand the Homeworld IP GBX acquired included Cata so if GBX is ok with it modders could theoretically remake cata in the HW2 engine. The modders might have to rebuild all the models from scratch though… It’d be a very big project and would be easier if someone had the raw model files and stuff (aka source code)

The IP doesn’t contain Cataclysm afaik. They don’t own that title. Correct me if im wrong.

I don’t know about putting Cataclysm into this mix. Cat was my favourite of the three as well, and I was disappointed to see HW2 completely ignore it. The problem is that the Cat MS’s have a ton of power. How do you balance the siege cannon with the HW MSs minimal guns? I would love to see a remastered Cataclysm though.

Gearbox didn’t ignore it. Apparently, the source has been lost (or at least, nobody knows where it is).

You are wrong, they own it. This is something that has been thoroughly debunked elsewhere.

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My concern (aside from Cata mechanics and gameplay being butchered/sacrificed to move to the HW2 engine) is that any such DLC would split up the already dwindling multiplayer community unless all players were required to download the assets - in other words, players who purchased the DLC can choose to play as Beast/Somtaaw in MP against players who haven’t bought it.

This problem has been solved 10 years ago already. Look at Doawn of War 1 as a good example of MP with people who have different expansions. That said since there is a high likelyhood of this being DLC if it does happen and not an expansion this issue is moot regardless.

Yes and if they’re given enough time to fix the current issues and get everything running smoothly I think it would make an excellent candidate for DLC, since the guys who worked on Cat said they could probably reproduce it in a short period of time.

I’m going to have to vehemently disagree with you on that point. IMO there would be little point in adding it without a campaign.

I have to say I don’t really miss them. The whole Cataclysm was a “bit” odd.

A ramming ship (a ramming ship?), a corvette made out of two figthers hugging, mass dirver cannons that no other HW game ever used, slipgates that were never explained, Nomad Moon Deathstar…

The whole idea of biomechanical virus was actually very interesting, but it never felt like something out of a Homeworld universe to me. Homeworld is all about ancient myths and birthrights.

The Homeworld Cataclysm felt like someone tried to hammer in Star Trek into the Battlestar Galactica.
(I doubt there is a closer analogy than that.)