Time to ask for a build assessment Please

Here is my current build. lvl 60

I am a mid to long range fighter, definitely do not melee. Carry an enforcer or a howitzer class mod weapons are maggie/fragnum, kerboom, IVF and Pitchfork, usually use a reogenator or sham. Any advice would be very much appreciated.

Well since your doing a lot of mid-long range fighting there isn’t very much to change really.
Just some minor improvements here & there which I
Believe will help you more and I tried to keep it similar to yours as much as possible.

In the Hunter Killer Tree we snag 3 points out of suppression, kill switch & scramble to make Afterburner 5/5.

Reasons being…

  • Suppression is a Kill Skill, and it’s not always up. But 24% extra fire rate is still good and because of Fire rate caps along with Emergency Response more points in this skill does nothing.

  • Kill Switch Fun but unnecessary really. Loved this skill at lvl 50. Stopped using it because Scramble is a superior one pointer.

  • Scramble 1 point is really all you need. If some how Wolf dies you get him back which equals more Laser Guided and with 30% more deployment time that’s a base 15 seconds more with 0/5 auxiliary tanks.

Also because of your gear being non elemental/explosive. maggie/fragnum, kerboom, ivf, pitchfork (is your pitchfork elemental?)
I think it’s best to drop Cold war for Escalation for More Critical damage and some cool down time while they’re down.

In Cyber Commando all that’s different is that we spent fewer points here. You really don’t need 4/5 Divert power when combating mobs from mid to far range so I left it @ 2/5 it’ll still kick in and help you not go down when you need it too.

Dreadnaught. Because you fight at range more than 1 point in energize isn’t necessary especially with Celestial Enforcer.

Also we Maxxed Auxiliary Tanks because W&S are the â– â– â– â– , also so we can benefit from Fortify, laser guided and Saint more.

And I dropped Heatsinks because at Range you have time to let your Shield regen.

Termination Protocols because Termination Protocols really.

Tell me how it goes! Hope this helps!

thank you for your input

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My 2 cents…

This tweaks your points a bit while staying Hunter Killer and Cyber Commando

I just have not had much success with Kill Switch and Scramble and you are missing out on stacks of Rolling Thunder which will be pretty decent with a Celestial mod

You don’t need Cold War with a Frigidia and Escalation is a double Damage and cool down bonus. One point in Hazmat is a 17% reduction to Elemental effect…hard to turn down for just one point.

Get a Frigidia for mid to long range Freezing…heck ANY range freezing.

Alternate is the fastest firing Cryo T4S-r you can get

Once frozen…you get the 3x bonus with explosives…just like Slag

Long Range Explosive, Kerboom or Spitter
Mid Range, IFV
Short Range Torguemada, or Flakker…IFV will do as well…or Fragnum or a good Ravager
Grenades…I actually like the Explosive Kiss of Death…terrible fuse time but VERY high damage and heals you. You just have to get used to hurling it earlier than normal to account for the fuse time.

I am a Torguemada convert…

Once you get that thing down…it beats ANYTHING except a Flakker…but a Flakker is much harder to employ properly.

Sham is fine but only if the enemies are shooting…Reo is also fine but if you can find a good Purple Adaptive…it will outperform the Reo at Level 60.

all looks good I’ll give it a try