Time to Buy a VR Display - cause that's what it's all about

VR headset time - that’s my epiphany from last night. You, and me, and our respective sex robot harems will be spending a significant portion of the next decade or so in some early form of MetaVerse - unless our future robot overlords direct us otherwise. It’s the only way this game makes sense to me.

I like FPS games. I like puzzle games. I like FPS games with puzzles. Games based on card decks where you get to shoot at other people with card decks - not so much (unless they are cheating at Texas Holdem’). The marketing possibilities are endless - if FPS card games really become a thing. But as far as fun and entertaining long-term - I’m not sold after playing for a while the past few nights.

There is a post “I don’t Understand Why Gearbox is Making This Game” from Sept 7th in this forum. That question gnawed on me as I started learning how the game worked. One of the other posts “Headphones: use them” from Sept. 11 was the next piece of the puzzle. I did put on my headphones and cranked them up. Makes a HUGE difference in playability as far as knowing where your opponent is on the map.

The obvious advantage of headphones made me wonder if my feeling that these maps are a claustrophobic pain to navigate would go away if I added a VR display. That’s when the penny finally dropped in answer to “Why did Gearbox Make this Game.”

Injecting Card Game mechanics in to an FPS doesn’t make sense to me - except as a marketing tool. If you think you can build a community of people desperate to trade (or buy) ability and weapon cards for an edge in murdering their closest friends in an alien swamp - it’s a wonderful idea. It does give an easy (albeit old-school) way to conceptualize creating different profiles by stacking a deck. And it presumably will give you a way to trade away unwanted cards for wanted cards in a way that is track-able, control-able, and monetize-able by the developers. But doesn’t this seem like a cumbersome way to go about it with a bleeding-edge, tech-savvy group like FPS fans? UNLESS…the card game thing is a red herring for what is really going on: the development of an immersive VR environment with built-in transaction management.

Want to work the bugs out of your immersive and interactive VR environment while you identify and remove potential play and transaction exploits? Get a bunch of blood thirsty FPS gomers who would probably never look at a card based game dependent on obtaining the right deck in order to kill without being killed. After they are finished pushing your low-cost, low-resource VR environment to the limit by hunting each other to virtual extinction, all a developer has to do is substitute Grandma’s living room for the Quagmire map; change out your rocket launcher for cup of cocoa, and paste the last photo of little Timmy over the face of gun-toting dickweed wearing the leather hood. Now little Timmy and Grandma can have a visit without ever leaving their respective Idiocracy-style recliner toilets. Grandma can even give Timmy a virtual $5 bill for his birthday through the now secure transaction system just by putting it in his little digital hand.

Get ahead of the curve by obtaining a decent VR headset and controller. Mini fridge and recliner toilet optional - for now. Crazy people are usually only crazy concerning specific subjects. Not all conspiracy theories are wrong.

Bob (Cosmic0ne)

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