Time to combine the Bank and Lost loot machine with a Vending machine

Title says it all really - come on Gearbox just combine all 3 into 1 machine located in your room on Sanctuary to make everyone life that bit easier now that the level cap increases are coming into effect.

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Floor needs fixing first so your LL machine just doesn’t vent the goodies into space. :laughing:


I always thought the Lost loot dump was a very Borderlands approach to the problem, but shifting through all the loot the machine vomits out in a tiny area is tedious. I’d much prefer a vendor-like menu.

And now that drop rates are so plentiful on higher difficulty levels (even outside events), I wouldn’t mind a bigger capacity. If you get out of bounds loot in the slaughtershaft, you’re gonna have to pick and sell so many legendaries to make sure that thing ends up in the lost loot machine.


Gotta agree here. Bank management can be really annoying and it’d be much more convenient if you had an option to sell right from your bank and the Lost Loot Machine.

Simply dumping an item from you bank can be tedious. Especially if your bank and backpack and wall are full. You have to drop an item to the floor, go back to your bank, navigate back to where you were, grab that item, leave the bank, then go sell or drop that item.

I agree. I’d love to be able to sell or gift or drop straight out of my bank.

Plain and simple. Managing all of our gear in the Bank is just a mess.

-The sort system is waaaaaaaay too limited for one.

-Second, there needs to be a way to separate gear (via a filter system) into completely different windows based on their “Type” by default then you can further sort and filter those Types by level, score, manufacturer, etc. There are so many times I want to filter my ARs or Pistols even further without them getting all mixed in with other gear so it’s a better side by side view.

-There needs to be a filter for separating Anoints based on Vault Hunters and Universal. This one should be obvious as to how important Anoints are. I hate digging through my weapons when trying to find ones that have my Zane or Moze only Anoints when trying to gauge certain builds.

-There needs to be a more in-depth, filter where I can compare apples to apples. In other words, a weapon or gear to it’s exact same base type. I.E. - Lob to other Lobs, or Transformer to other Transformers. I shouldn’t even have to explain why this is so important in a game where we are constantly trying to improve the Anoints/Prefixes of our gear…Literally, everytime I get new weapons with potentially better prefixes, I have to go find it’s equivalents to see which one I want to keep.

-AND FOR THE LOVE OF TORQUE! PLEASE can we have a way to quickly trash or sell gear DIRECTLY from the Bank. The fact that I have to collect 36 pieces of gear at a time, then either drop it or sell it is a tedious process in itself. ESPECIALLY if we are having to do this every few months because of level cap increases.

Honestly, this is something I would LOVE to see sooner than later. Bank management in this game is just extremely poor and not thought out very well.


It would be nice if you added the ability to mark and sell junk direct from my vault when I use the sell all junk function at the vending machine. I now have like 100 under level useless guns in my vault and to clear it out I need to take them out in small groups, run down the hall sell them AFTER I go into menu and mark them all as junk. It would be most excellent if I could instead just mark them junk in my vault and when I select sell all junk at the machine it also sells all my marked junk in the vault. Thank you.