Time to Complete All Content

Hey guys I’ve been musing over some of the pre launch information the developers had given and came across an article mentioning that the creative director said the base game (without doing many sidequests) would take roughly 35 hours to complete.

Now I wouldn’t consider myself a speed runner by any means but I can complete literally ALL of the content released thus far in the game in around 35 hours of playtime.

Idk just seems like another intentionally skewed piece of info to get people hyped. “It’s much bigger than Borderlands 2” idk if it is a case of quality>quantity story and side quest wise but I feel like base game BL2 was so much larger

You have to understand, prior you couldn’t skip cinematic scenes, which some were awful and long. Talking to Lilith is as much of a pain as it is a joke. Some weapons you find in game, because of the adaptation of mayhem scaling, has broken the regular playthrough.

This game is a different deformed beast than the beta-test bugs that came at release.

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My level 61 Moze, with whom I completed TVHM with before the first level cap increase and have beaten 2 of the DLC with, still only has roughly 31 hours played.


Depends whether you mean you did it with a fresh character at or around launch or your doing it by resetting a character now and trying to do it.

We now have a year’s worth of experience in this game. We know the story and methods for killing enemies. We don’t have to figure anything out. We know what skills to unlock and what builds to work toward.

There are many variables. I know I can do it much faster on my current Zane build than say Fl4k. It was probably much slower with no skills/ guardian rank unlocked and weapons were balanced differently. There are a lot of things that have changed since launch.

I’d say without grinding, side quests, crew challenges and just running the main story it would be probably closer to 20h even less if you ignore may encounters

So for me its not that bl2 was larger, it was fun-er. Bl3 has made me dread making new characters and leveling them up. in bl2 i could restart time and time again with whatever character. In bl3 i barely got 1 of each character and barely finished leveling my last towards the end of this border-year. I wont even think of tvhm so thank god mayhem saves me. Honestly i would of loved a shorter game (11 hours) if it meant it would be a good story like bl2. Yes content is good, but experience is what you’ll remember. Idc if theres 100 bosses, id like 5 good bosses that are fun and memorable. they definitely captured bl2 feel but not the experience.

IIRC, my first character through had racked up a little over 24 hrs of play time.

I couldn’t say how long it took me to go through BL2’s campaign once. But now whenever I start a new game there I can see an eternity of torture stretching out ahead of me. It may not be bigger the first time through, but I’m sure being forced to repeat it nearly two more times with each time being increasingly awful made it feel hellishly larger to me.