Time to implement a FREE weekend of battleborn

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I don’t like to beat around the bush so how about a free weekend of battleborn? Boost the player base for the weekend and welcome new comers that may have missed the beta. Just a small solution to quickly bandage that gaping wound that is the rapid player decline — which has especially gotten worse after E3. But its normal for playerbase/sales to drop in games after E3, people looking forward for the special game. So the question is “How we are going to keep this boat a float?” Now i’m no business expert but I would highly recommend a free weekend of battleborn because people got to play overwatch and the hype is slowly calming down after E3(not really) — BUT its time to attack. Try for one more push atleast.

Well, good luck gearbox. Love ya :heart_eyes:
I’ll keep playing when I get the chance

P.S - Try not to stay too much on schedule! Sometimes we need to be flexible enough to stop and remove the roadblocks!

honestly I feel like they have no choice and have to go a step further and go bac to the reduced price for the weekend as well to pressure those who are enjoying it to pick it up that weekend

I went to gamestop and seen that battleborn was still 40 dollars. Don’t think it can get much lower than that.

Steam summer sales are just around the corner, the question is if Battleborn is going to be part of it.

I didnt know that mb

Yea, they need a free battleborn weekend. Get those people who were on the fence to pick a side.

I want a free week end to offer all my friends to play with me :smiley:

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