Time to redo vanilla items(a letter to GB from community)

Like the title says this is something just about everyone agrees on. That pretty much every single nerf they did at the start of the game needs to be reverted and some of those guns even need a buff.
We all know what guns I’m talking about. King/queen call, flakker,butcher,lucians call, crossroad, hex ect. List goes on. DPJ is a good youtuber who made a vid on top 10 guns that got nerfed. The only gun I was ok ever receiving a nerf was the ion cannon. It’s perfect as a last stand or moze type weapon since she can abuse ammo regen on rocket launchers. There is no reason now to not fix the guns that were nerfed and also buff many other vanilla weapons to actually be super fun again.

I get it gearbox when the game was new you were scared of people doing things to break it or have it called too easy, but when you look at the things you learned now you will see those were way to much of a knee jerk reaction. Alot of those guns are super fun and unique and felt original. Let’s promote those guns in the future :slight_smile: heck I can see a event where vanilla guns get a super drop rate again like loot the universe. Anyway we want this game to be super perfect and this is one of those ways you could listen to the community like you have recently keep up the good work.


Even the ION Cannon has fallen off since MH 2.0 it’s just not strong any more really damage wise even. It could be reverted as well and still not outperform a newer launcher like Plaguebearer.

While we’re at it, revert the knee jerk skill nerfs from the beginning of the game, such as Leave no Trace or Fade away(GITM) those nerfs don’t make sense in todays game either.


Yes. Also let the lasers from hex and quasar heal moze

So we can have no effort immortal moze back with full damage hex gernades? I don,t see gearbox reverting either of those changes. When the hex was nerfed it was because it was intended to spread status not kill. Moze would go back to brainless grenade spam and trivialize everything like amara can with a mix maxed build but with zero effort. Therefore… NO XD

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I mean we literally see other characters have brain dead heal or damage builds. So your point is pretty worthless

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I’m very wary of a thread purporting to be a ‘letter from the community’ when the debate starts 3 posts in.

Maybe edit the title?


I keep saying this and by god i hope they’ll fix it soon. Theres so many awesome weapon effects and gimmicks i dont get to enjoy unless i tone down the mayhem to 2 or 4, just because their damage is impossible to match with the new weapons and enemy healths in mayhem.

But i dont think the fix is buffing a few legendaries: i want MOST if not all weapons, viable. Purple tier should be viable. And blue too. Green i’d accept it not being useful, seeing green weapons are mostly good only when leveling up and you have underleveled purples.

What im syaing is - tone down enemy health, tone down the best legendaries damages, and tone down action skill damage.

Put everything in the same range of effective damage.
Im not saying i should be able to do the takedowns with a woodblocker, of course takedowns are meant to get the best out of the best of your builds and most broken weapons.

But even the game outside of takedowns feels not balanced. Ourside of takedowns, just roaming the game, i still have to bring out my fukin strongest gear to get by, and even then i need iron bear to nuke the room. (which i love. But i also love the conference call, the butcher, the psycho stabber, and all the stuff we left behind)


I haven’t used a ion cannon since the nerf and after the level increase why bother farming it for level increase if I’m not going to use it . There so many weapons and gear not worth using or farming look at tediore no one in my group uses it I used one when the game was new and haven’t used one since .

I’ve got a safe full of weapons and gear and I’m still using the same build for three months , still using the same shield , same guns , same mods ect ect ect . After the nerf from hell everything is weak and m2.0 just made it worse for me the mods take all the fun out for me I know some people just rave about 2.0 but there’s also those who don’t like it and don’t like being left out of the good gear because of 2.0 .

The idea that I paid good money for a shooter looter and not playing it because of nerf gear , under performing guns and not having access to the new gear because m2.0 level 10 and stupid , childish mods . In bl2 at least I had the same chance to get the same gear and weapons as other players at the same level .

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Except that moze was the most braindead of all and you could literally spam nades while watching netflix and beat the slaughtershaft with literally zero effort on your part. I would know because i tried the build and it was so easy I got bored of it after a single run. Atleast you have to shoot things with amara which makes it far less braindead ya know? Point is we do not need immortal grenade spam Moze back because it was THE braindead build of its time.

So don’t play it.

But let him have his fun.

It doesn’t diminish your enjoyment, that he has fun the way he wants to, does it? In a SP loot-based game? Does it?

I never turned on God Mode in Doom, but I don’t begrudge those who do.

No. Wait. That’s not a fair analogy. For him.

I was never a Chicago Bulls fan, in the 90s. But I never called for someone to kneecap Jordan, either.

Let him have his God Moze. It doesn’t detract from your, my, or anyone else’s fun. Unless, you know… you let it. But then it’s kind of on you, isn’t it?


No kidding it’s not like it’s a pvp game


Yeah i mean i miss having fun with certain guns. I know theres 2.0 versions but why have them so bad…


quest rewards better be scaled good i hope…

Im tired of the meta i need variety. If a LEGENDARY gun struggles to kill shielded trash and generic monsters itsa issue at m10.

We know this game has powercreep… But it cant be THAT BAD.

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Hex+Vampyr= practically immortal afk Moze was kind of sleep-inducing, that is one of the things I’m glad is gone. If I want to get that level of sustain, make it least a little challenging. I’m not the type of person who’ll use white gear just for the challenge, I like getting into the loop of getting better gear (hint: most RPGs are designed this way). The best gear should indeed be powerful but not braindead. If they want replay value, that is.

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To be fair the duration nerf on the hex was overkill though. So if anything I would revert that change but not buff its damage back or its ability to heal Moze. It was indeed sleep inducing and by far the strongest build of its time with zero effort needed to make if work. Good riddance I say XD

I wouldn’t say it was 0 effort, you needed at least a mirv hex, which didn’t have a dedicated drop. You had to still move, not as much as active gunplay obvs but if you didn’t have a bloodletter or other supporting gear you’d still go down. And as grenades currently stand in m10 even scaled ones would take forever to kill things so it’s nowhere neAR as effective.

I played it for awhile back then and I miss the grenade focus (always was one of my favorite playstyles) and now we have no vh who can and it’s sad lol

I agree that the base game legendaries need a look. They might be ok up to M4 or so but after that they become useless to the point of being laughable. The DLC3 weapons outshine nearly everything in the game. Those weapons absolutely do not need a nerf but base game weapons need a strong buff. This includes purples; I shouldn’t need a top-tier legendary from DLC3 with the right annoints to kill trash mobs while trying to complete base game maps.

I can definitely see a case for needing optimum gear with optimum annoints to run Takedowns. Takedowns should require an optimum setup, but story missions and trash mobs out in the world shouldn’t.

The o ly other grenade that’s good for healing is a purple… either they change moze healing entirely or bring back hex tbh

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This please!

I agree with a full on buff and remake of certain weapons but a revert? nha-ah.

almost every single AR
almost all vladof weapons
even ■■■■ like redestributor dont work exept if you got a VERY specific build around this one gun.

that is a failure, i was ble to use it perfectly fine m 1.0
now it feels weak and useless,
stuff like the shreddifier are so worthless,it NEEDs the fking buff so bad, propably around 500% more dmg just to start

stuff like the tsunami was buffed but is still weak asf
hellfire was good m1.0 is garbage now
even the fking op guns such as cutsman and so on are on the list of… it exists but needs a buff,