Time to remove character locks?

Does the community believe it’s time to remove the locks placed on characters such as Deande and Ghalt? I believe it creates a huge barrier to entry for new players.

While the system does encourage people to play the story campaign as well as PVP (and I do believe that, eventhough you can focus on playing only one of these, the game is best when you play both), there are many other ways to do this that won’t ostricise new players. Bonus weekends for things like credits/xp/loot chance, sginificant chunks of xp for completing missions for the first time with each character, special week-long challenges with a special reward.

While I can understand ‘locking’ new characters behind credits so that there isn’t just a flood of people trying to play the character at the same time (though I do believe the price should significantly drop a couple of weeks after release, as far as I know GB hasn’t mentioned anything like this), locking the original characters behind achievements just discourages a lot of potential new players. Why put that obstacle there if (and if the purpose is just to get people to mix pve in as well) there are so many different ways to accomplish the same thing without off-putting new players?


Really, the kinds of things you need to do to unlock characters at the moment would be better suited to unlocking things like skins and taunts.

It’s not that hard to get to command rank 40. Don’t take away something that feels like an achievement. If they get all the original characters right out the gate, I feel like new players wouldn’t hold interest as long as necessary to increase player base.


I think it’s fine as it is.


Fine as is doesn’t mean it couldn’t be better. Like I said, offer other rewards in instances like these. It can still feel like an achievement to get to lvl 40 for example, but does the rewards HAVE to be a character? Should it be a character?

Also, this is just an artificial way to extend the life of the game and “hold interest”. Why keep playing after lvl 40 and you’ve unlocked all the characters? The game is good, why put obstacles such as these into the game that only hinder it when rewards for achievements such as these could just as easily (and should be) something else?

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It’s been a month! Once we get new characters, new modes, new maps, improved UI, more balancing issues, more bug fixes, all dlc missions, than maybe they could release an unlock all key that’ll come with a Definitive Edition (let’s not kid ourself with a GotY this time…).

Why keep playing after lvl40? Play for fun, get lores, get titles, wait for more awesome updates.

Unlocking stuff is part of the fun (for me).

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On the other side…a character is pretty big reward and it actually felt great to unlock a new one.


I actually thought most of the characters unlocked too quickly thanks to level lock. for pvpers it may be a problem, or for someone who’s only playing for one character, but for me they unlock faster than i can play to enjoy them.

but then again, i also want the ranking system to be different - you get a level the same time as a character, so if you only play and master one character you’d only be level 15. whereas if you playing multiple characters you’d be much higher level. I feel that would be more representative of the skill of a rando in a match (pvp and pve, as character flexibility to benefit the team is important for success). But this wouldn’t couple well with my also wanting character unlocks to be higher. it only works in the current level system.

But this is a game where characters are to be balanced. Grinding out a specific commander level, or completing a more involved challenge (complete The Rengade for Caldarius VS Silver on all advanced missions for Ghalt) would make sense in a game where these characters are inherently then more powerful. You need to really put in effort to get the reward. Is Ghalt more powerful than Caldarius because you have to put in a lot more effort? No. Is Caldarius more powerful than Orendi because you have to unlock him? No. They’re completely arbitrary reasons to lock away the characters as they have.

You have character levels to grind out to unlock the true potential of each character, that feel good to work towards. There’s also so many other things like lore challenges, gear etc. that there seems little reason to have characters stuck behind walls as well.

Now, I’ve had all the characters unlocked for a while now, but I’m looking at it from the perspective of a new player. I think it’s a lot better to be able to jump in and try out all the characters (hell, they may have gotten this game because they saw a vids of specific characters), then start working on the oodles of other things to unlock and progress towards.

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so let me get this straight, you want all the characters unlocked from the start??? that takes the grind out of the game. a new character is a pretty big thing to unlock cuz you never know if that character might be your best character. i reached lvl 40 b4 i beat all the missions on advanced to unlock ghalt. the command rank goes up pretty fast especially if your completing the challanges that give you like 500cp.

Why not have them unlocked from the start? As I said, there’s really enough other stuff to grind towards, and GB can come up with other rewards for things that are currently character unlocks, and even add more into the game as a result. Getting gold all all missions with every character to unlock an awesome skin for everyone, I’d do that. Getting gold on all advanced missions gives a legendary gear box, I’d jump into that.

I know I personally would have preferred to have Ghalt from the start to tinker around with than trying to get silver in all advanced missions (ended up getting to 40 first), then just going 'meh, I don’t think he was worth the wait".

I think I have a solution - the characters are locked probably because of pve. but in pvp its beneficial to have access to all characters. why not remove the locks for pvp only?

You can already grind Commander rank to get Commander boxes. Grind character levels for helix options, and part of the stuff to get the black and purple skin. Grind lore challenges for lore (surprise surprise), a loot box, a specific character legendary, and the other part for the black and purple skin. Grind missions for legendaries and gear. Grind missions and pvp for credits to get gear boxes…

Does grinding for characters really make the game that much better than if you could experience each from the beginning?

I’m not sure if the character unlocks will ever need to removed.
The two primary benefits that you get with the character locks are:
1.) The starting characters are nicely balanced across multiple roles to allow a player to start to get a feel for the game.

This game isn’t like Street Fighter, Mortal Combat, Soul Caliber, Smash Brothers, ect. where you have iconic characters that anyone familiar with the franchise would know how to play.

This is a brand new type of game (FPS with MOBA qualities) with brand new characters and brand new ways to play. So because this game can be overwhelming for first-time players it is important to provide them with some ‘basic’ characters that can help better prepare them for this game and the roles that are available.

2.) A lot of people like achievements and unlocking characters is definitely a nice reward for playing the game, especially if you specifically do something to unlock a particular character.

Now the two above items are generic reasons for the character locks, but I’m going to bring my own personal BB experience into play.

When they finally announced all of the characters, the three that I most wanted to play were Caldarius, Kleese, & Ghalt. (Was bummed when I found out that Kleese and Ghalt were two of the hardest to unlock)

I wasn’t really enamoured with any of the starting characters, but once I gave a few of them a spin in the Beta I found myself really enjoying Orendi.

I could be wrong, but I would guess that most gamers, when they find a character they like, will want to get that character up to level 12 to get all of the mutations, and also perhaps complete all the lore to get the character-specific legendary.

So when I started the game, I first focused on Orendi. Getting her to level 12, and getting her lore challenges.
By that time I had unlocked Caldarius a long time ago.
So then I switched over to Caldarius and took him to level 12 and unlocked his lore.

It was while playing Orendi in Meltdown that I decided that I also wanted to get good at a character that could hold a lane better in Meltdown.

So after I finished with Caldarius, I gave Boldur a shot and loved him. So I took him up to Level 12. (Don’t have his last lore challenge to play with an all-Eldrid team)

By that time I had unlocked Kleese. I gave him a spin and loved him, and took him to Level 12.
Once I had Kleese up to level 12, I had long past unlocked Ghalt.

I’ve been running Ghalt (level 10 now) on PVE and not having as much fun with him. I know I’ll enjoy him more in PvP, but if I had jumped straight to Ghalt (if he had been unlocked from the start) I would have been really disappointed in playing him. (Part of the problem is that I had been farming Renegade with Kleese, and Kleese is a monster on that level, and Ghalt doesn’t have any sort of the area control that Kleese does…which made the transition to Ghalt hard)

At this point, out of the 26 Battleborn, there are 16 which I haven’t even played a single time…and I’m currently Command Rank 65.

Anyway, long story short…all you have to do is find a couple of characters that you like to play and level them up to 12 to get their final mutation…and by that time you’ll be hitting the mid-30s for command rank…which will of course have unlocked the majority of the characters.

So if other players do the same thing that I did (focus on a character they like) they’ll find themselves having unlocked all of the characters before even having the time to check them all out.

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Just like @deltaomikronny said, it felt like a bigger achievement to unlock characters when I did it.
As a character based game, having all characters unlocked would suck the fun out of leveling up. Unlocking a specific character feels like a greater reward than if I had gotten a random taunt or skin.

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Same thing with me, I picked a few characters I enjoyed and leveled them up. Before I unlocked Attikus I had been switching back and forth between characters, then I fell in love with his simple smash and repeat playstyle for PvE and maxed him out! OM, WF are at 12 each and Toby I’m working on. Command rank 45 right now, and I’ve only played as 4 characters repeatedly. It’s a lot easier to level up than I had originally thought and I feel like getting to CR40 was in the back of my mind at the point when I hit it.

To have 26 characters (30 eventually) unlocked from the start is too much for newcomers. Battleborn characters are more complex to play than in other games because of the helix upgrades and the plethora of gear and loadout options. On top of that, some (many?) newcomers take some adjustment to this being a team-based objectives game and not a FPS shooter where lots of kills is the most important thing.

The current setup IMO is the best. There’s a selection of balanced characters available at the start for people to get to grips with, giving them something to focus on whilst they begin to get to grips with the game. The initial unlocks after that don’t take long and quite a few can be achieved more quickly than by command rank unlock. Then of course there’s the sense of achievement when you do unlock a newly character and begin to play them and learn their strengths and weaknesses.

It works, most people seem happy with it and so it should stay as it is (though if Gearbox want to sell a quick unlock pack just like Dice did for Battlefield 4) for real money then I wouldn’t object to that - you want unlocks that badly, you pay for them).

Even fighting games don’t have all the characters unlocked from the beginning. That’s part of what makes playing a game fun isnt it? Getting some sort of reward and striving towards new things?

I kind of wish I didn’t have the hero keys given to me with the season pass. I would have liked to have had to work for Alani.

But then again I enjoy that grind, not everyone does I guess.

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“But it takes away the grind!”

Yes. Yes it does. And what a great reason to remove character locks! (Or, at the very least, the locks on Ghalt, Kleese, and Deande.)

Anecdote: I have a buddy who games maybe 4 hours a week, tops. He has expressed interest in many locked characters, but, 4 hours a week. So, what has he decided we should play this week? Co-op for Halo 5. This is a guy who rarely buys video games, and considered BB a day one buy from the beta (largely due to the cast). He ended up waiting for the sale instead because of the high amount of locked characters.

Is he an outlier? Absolutely. Is locking more than half of your cast in a game advertised (lol) as a “hero shooter” a bad way to build and keep a player base? Absolutely.

OP has already said it: there are plenty of other things for those who (for some reason) love “the grind”. But making people wait for up to 40 hours of game-time to find a character that speaks to them, in a character-driven game, no less, is nucking futs.

I don’t necessarily ‘love the grind’, but if they made all of the characters available at the same time it would cause more problems than it would solve. It’s a brand-new type of game with a larger-than-normal learning curve. You need people to ease into the game with ‘basic’ characters first.

Also, it takes a good hour or two on any one character before you can even get a good feel for that character to determine if you like the character or not. If you put in just the minimal amount of effort to get a feel for each of those starting characters, you’ll have unlocked another 5-6 by that time. And all you have to do is find one character that you like that you want to progress to level 12, and you’ll have half the roster unlocked by the time you finish that up.

I don’t see how having an unlock mechanism would prevent someone who purchased the game from playing the game.
As mentioned in my earlier response…the characters I was most interested in when finally revealed were Caldarius, Kleese, & Ghalt.
I’ve taken Orendi, Caldarius, Boldur, & Kleese up to at least level 12. Ghalt I’m at level 10, and he is by far my least favorite of the characters I’ve put time into.

Had I started out with Ghalt right from the start…I would have been less enthusiastic about this game.