Time to rethink this AC Life steal anointment?

Most of us have skipped over the 30% life steal on attack command anointment. I know in the past I’ve tried it for a minute or two then put it away without really bothering with it. That was a mistake.

This anointment works like the ASE life steal anoint as far as I can tell. It has twice the value of an ASE anoint @30% instead of 15%, comes on shields as well as weapons, and can be used with all actions skills equally as effective.

Most importantly, for Rakk builds, coming on a shield means you don’t have to give up a 100% Rakkslag weapon for life steal. You can replace a 50% elemental ASE, and as long as you aren’t using weapons that create bullets from elemental damage, you’ll gain 50% damage and have twice the life steal.

BTW, my pet missed most of the attack commands it attempted, and the anointment still activated. It doesn’t need to hit enemies to take effect. Check out 00:24.


The reason people don’t use it is because it’s unreliable. A lot of times pets don’t respond to the attack command, other times they take forever to do it and it doesn’t activate unless they hit something, and theres how clunky doing the attack command is in the first place.

Not that I don’t disagree, but look at the benefits. You lose half the damage and gain twice the life steal you would over using ASE. And some pets are definitely more responsive than others with Attack commands. For some reason Sidekick Jabber has no issues throwing that barrel when I tell him to.

Also, they don’t need to hit anything. I’ll timestamp it.

I think it may be worth more experimentation at the least.

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What I mean is the command has to execute before the anoint activates, melee ones therefore need to hit. So many times pet has to go and find it’s range before it will do the attack and that can take forever, making it unreliable for a emergency lifesteal activation. Unlike 15% ASE where I just press the button and less then a second later I’m ready to shoot. Also activating the command somewhere like Slaughter or Takedown is just stupid being as you have to keep your aiming target perfectly on the enemy the whole time you hold-to-activate again making it unreliable in a emergency or any tough situation.

That’s not to say you can’t make it work especially if you are playing a build styled around already using pet attacks. But it’s just not going to replace 15% ase for most builds/people.

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Wouldn’t that make it high rish-high reward? I don’t mean that sarcastically. for providing the most life steal available on an anointment, does the risk of needing to play around attack commands match the benefit you receive from it? I’m curious as to what your thoughts are on this.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been playing around attack commands so I know how frustrating they can be. But for Rakk in particular, while they already do loads of damage and don’t need much help, there is definitely some benefit to this setup. I’m just thinking we should be willing to give it a serious go.

I’m talking from a perspective of giving it a serious go months ago. And I found I hated it for all the reasons I already talked about. I didn’t just test on kevins and whatnot I took it to Slaughter shafts and takedowns and gave that anoint the work over, I hated it.

Some things might have changed since then. 2 months ago Gamma burst wasn’t working with attack commands and now it is. As much as I hate to say it, you never know what’s changing under the hood with this game.

Still, I trust you’ve tested more than I have. If I get a decent shield with it I’ll see how it works in my play through. It may just be that I have patience with attack command wonkiness that no sane person should :sweat_smile:

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Heres a thought on that. In the time it takes you to activate the command, the pet to activate it, I’ve already thrown a rakk and shot multiple times.


True, but those shots are doing a bit less damage (depending on weapon type) and healing you for less.

How much life steal would this need to give to be worth it in your eyes?

No amount. It would need to be less cumbersome and more responsive. Think about the applications for life steal, you aren’t using it or needing it unless you are doing hard content where you are getting healthgated repeatedly, otherwise it’s not needed for most other content. In a situation like that, having it immediately every time you need it is more important then the amount it heals.

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While that would be the ideal, I want to ask in the “hypothetical” situation that everything stays exactly as it is. There is no amount of life steal that you would trust Attack commands with in its current state?

Nope if it was reliable 30% would be more then enough. As is, the amount has nothing to do with why I wouldn’t use it. Doesn’t matter how much it heals for if I’m dead because my Scorcher decided to backpeddle and take 5s to reposition when I’m below healthgate.

Again, it’s something you could plan for and play a build focusing on using attack commands and keeping it up all the time or something, but again - it’s not replacing ASE in most builds.

Fair enough. I’m not expecting anything on that level. I do just think it has merits for certain builds, though of course I am extremely biased since I’ve gotten used to the way attack commands work.

How long does the life steal last? If you have this on your shield and constantly proc AC, will it be helpful?

I use a Kyb’s with this anoint on my “1 shot” FA setup as an emergency survival weapon. It’s pretty useful when trying to survive during FA cool down. I wouldn’t use it on my Rakk setup though.

No offense, but it’s cumbersome to use. In a open area, the pet has difficulty with path finding. The countess is the best, but still very cumbersome to use. Fl4k’s best life steal option is frankly queen/kings call. If you can get a 100% ASE with megavore, it’s pretty forgiving.

OR red fang swap out/friend bot combo. That takes care of survivability during shafts and takedown when you need it most.

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About seven seconds I think. Admittedly, it lines up much better once you have Sic Em’.

The cooldown would definitely be an issue. I was hoping it would be 10 seconds. Still, I’ve got nothing better to do so I’ll keep trying this out.

It would be cool if this stacked with ASE life steal though. Doubt it, but you never know.

Shame Rakk Attack down count as an attack command.