Time to shake up the community with skillful play for a change

And Pulling Spongeboss off the cliff with MNTIS

Can you try Malak Bane on a gamepad instead?

I’ve never seen snipers be so effective! Looks really fun. Good video/build/shooting!

That spongeboss pull was so cool. I thought you were dead for sure.

That’s a monocle (huge critbuff on scoped shot) And probably has sniper/jakobs/crit damage on his mod and/or artifact
Not sure about the new skilltree but it does have crit skills enhancing the monocle (or a combo of everything)

I’m pretty much am doing the same with a clairvoyance. (if I weren’t so damn lazy I would create a video but I have 0 interest in actually creating videos and just don’t feel like it)

The spongeboss kill was pretty cool though haha

The monocle gameplay wasn’t that special for me though (though the quickscope does require skill to pull off)

Interesting I’ll keep that in mind. Thanks.

:joy: I feel personally attacked.

Hahahaha why? :joy:

I’ve been thinking of making such a video as the OP showing off how I can 1 shot mobs with a clairvoyance hahaha
But I’m really just too lazy to actually do it (finding and installing the software, edit, creating an account so I can upload it, uploading it) hahahaha

In contrary to the OP I do not own the new DLC :wink:
For me to pull off the 1shots (90% are critical hits so if you have slightly bad aim galaxy brain helps) I’m using a seeing dead increasing jakobs (flat and crit) damage and an ice breaker artifact increasing cryo damage.

Add sentinel rad damage and you’ll be seeing everything near your target exploding haha

Farming à good seeing dead is easy (farming DLC1 end boss often gives me multiple) you could also fight Freddy but he drops other classmods too so it’s a bit harder to find one from him

So it’s all about boosting damage :wink:


Yoooo dat pull kill

Let’s keep personal argy-bargy off the forums, please and thank you.


I’m still waiting for the gamepad based sniping.

First off, nice video showing off some skill for sure!
I think your title is antagonistic though. I don’t upload videos, most players don’t.
I am super skilled with a sniper set up as well. Been doing it a long time. With a controller.
I respect your skill as well, it’s nice to see a skill video not a cheesy video following a meta build based on numbers anyone can do while firing into the sky…
I’d just remove bragging title in the future. Hard to see the skill for many with ego issues, would be received better.
Only mention it to help. I am a fan of this video.


Controller sniper here too. Snipers in this game have a ton of aim assist. A ton. A ton.

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I turn off aim assist personally. On bl3 and whenever I can.