Time to Split up Vets/Experienced and New/Low Level Players

Yes I know what you are going to say Gearbox:

“The Playerbase is so small we can’t do this”

But enough is enough, the Winter Update is a relaunch of BB, we all know this or anyone who has played it since release or last few months know what this update is really trying to do. You have visually made it better (Xbox One at least) and changes to UI are great.

But the gulf in the gap between experienced players and those playing for the first time is breaking this game faster than troll use of Benedict and Miko + Tank combo powerplays. Since the update went live (10pm UK time so yeah cheers for that) all I am getting matched up with as a vet at 104 Cmd Rank are players who dont even have a gear loadout to choose. You added a training area for a reason, limit any sub 20 players to training mode or put them in their own player group for match making.

The MM is much faster now, you have fine tuned the countdowns almost pefectly, but seriously it will kill the game and undo the work of the winter update if you keep matching scrub new players with vets whilst the other team is all vets…all I have had is the above which leads to rage quitting or early surrenders which is utterly experience killing.

Enough is enough, the Story/Ops content is not enough if the MP is utterly broken this way. You wont grow a playerbase by having the only playerbase rip itself apart!


Hey Cockney :slight_smile:
Regarding your completely true words, Jythri (BB creative director) has issued a thorough post about this today.

Please see his response about matchmaking here Jythri (Creative Director) Response on Matchmaking Issues


All that reads as is a whole bunch of Developer jargon and misdirection to make out they are aware and working on the issue.


this has been the issue for months, before the update and now its just more glaringly obvious because of the update. CMD Rank and post level 15 character rank is a grind, its a false xp gathering excercise that with the MP matchmaking grouping as it is, will put Vet players off even bothering in MP

I can agree with you mate, they broke the matchmaking even more than it was. And they probably won’t reverse it, since they love breaking this game even more,

your are wrong. not been mismatched at all today. all feels right.

am I?

what cmd rank are you for the sake of understanding the point and your own reply. Just the many threads all saying the same thing about the same issue yet somehow we are all wrong because for you its…feels right (that its completely broken).

im 106. im xbox matchmaking if that helps you feel my point.
I’ve only managed probably 20 matches since the update. I’ve been stomped twice since that.
id say I’m 106 due to amount of play rather than skill too. i lose plenty.

it could be a grab bag but something, for me at least feels different.
i feel more closely matched recently.

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to add i usually play splitscreen with my wife, who is 105 but always has a high death to kill ratio.

i don’t know what goes into elo so ill give you as much information as i can so you can respond productively to my anecdotal but tonally aggressive response to your op.

If you’re on pc or PS4, I can see how matchmaking might be a problem but it feels fine on Xbox.

I just see failed sarcasm mostly but as I said to someone else, the numbers unhappy with the way it is clearly outnumber the happy few.

I am also on Xbox One, and its not balanced at all, also being in the UK it actually becomes worse once the US region joins the fray with red barring connections all over the shop.

But glad you and the Mrs can share a screen and have fun with BB, sadly that experience is not a shared one currently.

look ill accept it may be random chance but post update its all feeling better for me.

priorly me an the mrs were probably playing 5 matches a night.
on average 3 we would get stomped.
2 we would stomp. with surrenders of just v quick matches.
post update matches have gone the distance or at least felt fair.
got stomped twice but both times due to player disconnect.
luckily i was talking to both players at the time and it was clearly server issues or their connection.

You have to also understand that those people who are complaining are the vocal minority here. For all we know, it could be different for others not on the forums. And from what I can tell, the U.K. and Aussie servers have always been bad I that regard.

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im uk, I’m just not seeing the same thing as him is all.

I am fully aware of how gaming forums may not reflect the whole playerbase of a game, but considering how low it is, and how its the vets who are on the forums bringing such issues to the attention of the developers I would say its pretty much a “known” issue on these forums, hence all the threads and the weak as hell response from one of the devs linked up above.

As for the servers outside the US being bad, that is a fair point that has been the case since launch, not Aussie bad but yes the net code is poor when US and UK/EU/Rest of the World come together. Does make a dam bit of difference when there is zero attempt to matchmake according to Command Rank and not just one big pool where one team will always be weak to the other in this regard.

Harsh truth and reality but it is the case for more than a few.

I can’t properly express exactly why, but while I find your idea has potential, I disagree with your reasoning and find it fundamentally incorrect

Now that’s no help…

Well, I’ll just leave it in the record and see what pops up

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