Time to start - needs lowering

@JoeKGBX (+Devs) - Hey Joe. Not sure where to put this topic, but I hope it can be addressed.

When you enter a mission:
A: It takes a while to even find players - Surely this could be faster? Are they looking at optimising this?
B: People drop out, disconnect, and don’t get replaced…why can’t replacements be added?
C: All players disconnect and leave you solo waiting for the full time count before the mission is cancelled - needs looking into.

Basically, starting a game can be a real pain in the ass, the time to start can be way too long. Most players choose Hero’s pretty quick, but if only 1 person disconnects then the full clock is counted.

Would it be possible to:
A: Lower the time to about 30secs (PvP too)
B: Replenish ranks
C: Be quicker to recognise the fact everyone has disconnected and cancel to save the painful clock watching prior to cancel

I haven’t done one mission in a week with 5 players, and this morning the disconnects were woeful. I realise we are still in early game life, so just wanted to put this across.

Feedback much appreciated.

p.s. Shoot me an invite if your on!! :wink:

Something weird happened to me today that would have benefited from a shorter time to match-make and launch:

  • Normal story matchmaking
  • Get a group of 3, then a single player to make up 5
  • Despite all the slots filled, game says it’s still looking for players
  • Eventyally times out, drops back into matchmaking
  • Instantly get the same party of 3 and that’s it.

OK, on to character selection (another issue):

  • Everyone has their character selected, but we still wait out the full timer

My guess is either one player didn’t realise they had to click “Yes”, or they didn’t then select skin and taunt if available. Maybe there needs to be a separate timer on the dialog to confirm character? And maybe the timer could shorten if everyone has confirmed their character but not completed the selection options? After all, it’s not like the skin/taunt really matter as far as game play!

Though if they don’t matter as far as gameplay goes then why have them in the first place?

But yes, the timer lowers to 10 seconds automatically if everyone picks a character-gear-skin-taunt combo. I’m fairly sure most of the time, when you have to wait for the full timer to go down, is someone beind indecisive. There’s a lot of characters and a lot of gear considerations that are probably making players take longer.