Time to trim my inventory

Pretty funny. I did find a list of “useless” weapons but lot’s of folks said “NO!” “I love that gun”. lol

Any recent thoughts on what’s “useless”, mods, artifacts, shields, weapons? I’m primarily a Moze at the moment.

To be really honest, I’ve never needed anything more than what I have equipped and at most 4 alternative weapons. Anything else is just stuff I carry around and never use. I’ve got into the habit of cutting back to bare minimum when farming, and don’t pick up anything other than what I absolutely want. Otherwise I’m just wasting time playing with junk drops for no real reason.

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Useless is a call you need to make, based on your expectation of a gun. Expectations seem to run on a spectrum with “must one-shot raid bosses” on one end, and “killing a chump with the entire ammo pool is fine” on the other. Most of us are between these two extremes somewhere, and there is no right answer. If you hear someone telling you, for example, the only rifle worth using in the entire game is the Lyuda with a specific set of parts and a particular anointment, you might wind up discarding otherwise enjoyable gear. If you hear me say, “the Big Succ isn’t that bad”, you’ll probably wind up hoarding more than you should.

If you’re on the fence about something specific, post that piece of gear, and we’ll let you know if there’s some hidden gimmick to it, if it’s part of some larger meta, how to take advantage of its nuances, whatever.