Time to Unnerf Tediore

50% of the damage on the throw was just flat too much.

And for the life of me this entire nerf seems way out of date. I mean who uses Tediore anymore except in arms race?

The Tediore shotgun Transformer shield combos are yesterday’s news…Hell, nobody uses the Anarchy anymore. I just went through all the top builds by all the top guys. Moxsy, Lazy Data, ThiccFila, Joltz’s, Killer6 ….et all

And there is not one Tediore build that is younger than OVER a year old.

I challenge anyone to tell me that Tediore throws are stronger than a plasma coil, flipper, Free Radical, Kybs, Redistributor, kick Charger, Plague Bearer, Backburner……on and on and on.

And this was BEFORE the nerf.

I just tried using some of the old standbys, the everblasts, the sure shots and keenfires…what used to be very solid blues and purples….

And….they basically suck at M11.

The nerf ruined pretty much an entire class of weapons. And it has hurt build diversity.

Time to unnerf Tediore GB….

Bad move.


Personally, I’ve always disliked Tediores. They just don’t perform well, Arms race is the exception. They should have just kept the nerf to arms race since it was super op there.

I just find them boring and lackluster as weapons and the talking voices annoy the crap outta me. If I wanted to use a gun that explodes I would just use a launcher.

The only redeeming thing Tediore related was the one side quest in Dlc 4. Playing as Fl4k had me cracking the ■■■■ up haha

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You clearly didn’t check hard enough…

Anarchy is still one of the best guns in the game.

Tediore prime

boomslinger moze


Tediore nerf needs to be reverted but tediore is still power to only a limited few now which sucks. I’d love to use mother too, smart gun, and creeping death but that nerf hit them hard.



I could tell you Tediore is stronger than a Plasma Coil … but that would be a lie.

I never ever ever use Tediore weapons or builds. They have always been just a gimmick weapon imo.

I think Tediore Mozevelt fell victim to Mad Maxine’s “Peach Mint” demands and Gearbox caved …

All 3 of those guns were buffed after the Tediore nerf. Creeping Death reloads are significantly stronger now than they were before the nerf.

You sir are an interesting fella…

You take a whole bunch of time to tell me I am full of crap.

And then totally agree with my overall point in the end :grin:

That will teach me to make broad sweeping statements and base my argument basically on the one character I play.

In my defense…I only looked at the individual Discord channels of the players I mentioned…not goggle doc databases…and it appears I missed some darn it.

And….you are right to point out my lack of thoroughness.

Buuuut….Bottom Line:

Tediore nerfs should be reverted! The game will be a better game if this happens!