Time to veteran players to shine. How are you helping?

Hey guys. I was just thinking about this new Free Trial opportunity to increase the player base and to build a bigger community to this game and how we veterans can help this to happen. Let me explain:

Now we’ll see a great number of new players in the game. New players, with no full understanding of the game mechanisms and characters playstyle, will be very easy to kill and it’ll be very easy to win matches with little time and/or effort spent. This will, for sure, discourage those new players to buy the game and/or to continue playing it.

Well, I think now it’s our time to shine. Not by killing 40 players per game, but helping the community and the new players. The question here is: HOW we can help them? (having fun at the same time, for sure)

Some suggestions (not sure if they are good, I want to hear your opinions, please):

  • Communication: Try to explain the basic to the new players;

  • Communication: Be patient and, please, don’t be toxic for any reason - correct them and give advices politely when needed;

  • Play support classes: Keeping new players alive and/or buffed maybe can make their match more fun;

  • Play new characters: Try that character that you never did because you were afraid of doing a very bad game;

  • Synergy: Wait to new players to choose their character and choose some class that can improve their match (?)

  • Try unusual and crazy builds: What about trying that crazy stuff that you always wanted? (Not sure here lol)

  • Group with them: Be friendly, invite them to play together, improve their skill and team play;

  • Focus on the play-hard enemies: If you see a enemy player stomping new players of your team, focus to kill him/her (maybe go with the vet players in your team lol)

Just ideas, not sure if they will help. What else can we do to keep those new players that will play the Free Trial, keeping the fun for us?

Thank you all, sorry for english mistakes (I think I did a lot of them lol). :smiley:


I’m CR125 but only CR5 on PC so I’m just grabbing Montana and blasting anyone that gets too close to my team. I’ll weaken someone and let the new guys get the kill as well so they have a better time (no one likes getting all assists). Plus I’m on PC and we all know how the steam chart looks.

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Very good job!

Getting a kill is always nice, we all know that. (Particularly, I love getting a lot of assists too lol)

I kind of made a post like this as well. Its nice to see new players but they def need help understanding how the mechanics work.

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Typically I’ll send messages with advice over psn, for example I killed an enemy marquis twice within about a minute as pendles one match and something felt off…then I realized he was a low level so I sent him a message suggesting he drop owls by him so I couldn’t get at him as easy. He started doing fairly well after that


Helping even the enemy players: that’s the attitude we need in this game. :slight_smile:


Solo queue every day in QM, and stream sniping 4-5 mans I catch pubstomping there. I don’t always manage to beat them, but I can make it a hell of a lot more even.


Not much; i just tend not to kill them whenever they attack me. There have been some pretty hilarious Capture and Face-Off matches where i do nothing but boost around as the low-levels i TRIED to scare off by leaving them an inch from death, chase me until a teammate kills them. Only time i ever kill a low-level other than by accident (happens a lot with Toby), is when i am about to die.

I also offer Toby builds and advice to the players who message me on PSN or PM here on the forums, and who mistakenly think that i am as good at the game as i am at annoying people AS Toby, haha.


The Deande/Toby variety show is a go!


looks around nervously


loosens tie / collar

Uh, I didn’t do anything…I swear!

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Had a run with @Phoenix-2613 today and found some low levels running story. One picked Kleese and I was explaining the important helix levels to try and not let them shoot them self in the foot


I keep doing what i always do.

Im thinking on streaming and explain the game basics while i play, but im shy… My english is not good enough.


i’ve been maining Miko to heal support da newbies


Aside from trying to stay active on the forums, reddit, discord and streaming…

I had a match where the enemy team killed their thrall but didn’t take the platform, so I ran past their sentry and attempted to start taking the platform and try to lure them on to it. I died but one of them realized they have to sit on it so it was worth it.


oh that reminds me, yeah im ALSO visiting the battleborn streams to extend helpful nice words of… good things


Whenever the opposing team loses a player I teleport back to base, where I wait and see if our team needs help. I also do this if the other team is getting smacked with all 5 players playing.

Edit: just happened two times in a row for me. And In one of them the team was much worse than us, and down a player. So they voted for a surrender, but that failed so two more people quit. Making it a 5v2, and later in the match one of them went AFK, making it a 5v1. And our team kept killing the last dude over and over, I felt bad for him. Also he was a miko and he had no one to support going up against four other players.


That can help too.

No doubt that this is the spirit this community needs. Congrats for that! :smiley:

I’m doing that too. Not a sacrifice, though, I really enjoy playing Miko. What about playing a full defensive gear/build/playstyle as Boldur, to soak up all damage and let them do the damage? I’ll try that too lol.

That was very nice, man. Keep doing thing like that and the new players will stay with us! :slight_smile:

That’s nice, too. When I’m playing with low levels I try to be sure that I’ll do all the not-killing stuff work: getting thralls, building stuffs and fat bots etc.


I’m changing my answer. I’m face rolling them with Boldur so that they can see how good boldur is and play him for themselves and face roll others.


Well, what fault do we have if DWARVES ARE FREAKING AWESOME?