Time Trials Revived Revived!

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This… ^^

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I disagree completely with deleting the time trials. I think we need to maintain some history on it, because people may want to see the best strategies and fastest ways to kill raids. Non-stacking is a good idea, zero could add in no CA stack, and Gaige could have no Anarchy (Giantfly has already done several of this kills and they’re awesome). I agree with Striker, the time trials need to be extended to 5-10 spots. I’m currently trying to find out some history of these runs, and the fact that this time trial was revived and the previous one was deleted really makes that hard. Plus gives more people the option to see themselves up there. I know this is going to sound obvious, but the only way people will ever join time trials to the extent that it deserves is that it is given recognition from larger youtubers, Striker and bew are some of the larger, and although they deserve more. They don’t have an amount like you and K6. That being said, I’ve mentioned it 1000 times, and a community event would be the absolute best way to do this. I’ve made like 5 ideas for it, and coordinating it would be a pain, but it would be super fun and would really grow this community.

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A lot of slagged centurions and surveyors but I had good spawns overall. Could be sub 17 if bonehead spawns were perfect but I’ll take this. I’m done with ult peak after this though. Stressful XD

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Love playing him. This one took a couple of days.

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Heroes gave me permission to post this!

My run was actually 1:49. He got a 1:47! Congrats to him!


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not the cleanest. I think 1:40 is possible if they behave well xD

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Solo Ultimate Mayaing.

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They landed perfectly lol. Could’ve shaved off some seconds on brood and some CS procs but other than that, it’s perfect!


Hello guys,

I draw you attention to take a minute of silence for the ‘op0 arena’ leaderboard. :pray:

(jk pls don’t ban me)

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LOL we’ll do that maybe on ps4. Or steam. or xbox. or gameboy. XD

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Lmao you two. xD

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@StrikerZidane, @HeroesV2, well, that escalated quickly.

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Like a :ping_pong:

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congrats heros XD i think 1:29 is the best i can get

ult peak 12:43 (maya-zer0)


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