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it can be done faster, also I found out that siren class mode is more powerful in this fight xD so see ya next time!

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Hey guys, so I am kinda new to time trials in general. I have been around, but recently I got this nice dragon kill I wanted to share, even if I don’t make it to the leaderboards its okay!

So I got the time based on the duration differences from the original shadowplay clip I edited this from, for reference:

Start time per my original Shadowplay export

End time as per my Shandowplay export

But idk how the accepted way to time kills are, because if its based on youtube then the kill would be 17 sec on the dot.

Also I don’t run gameplay changing mods such as UCP, but i did use a VanillaPlus mod that reskins certain weapons and money just for QOL changes, so whatever case is, let me know.

I really enjoyed doing this kill, it looks soo cleaan!

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Hello everyone! Gotta say, I’m looking for a volunteering Krieg player to wreck Bandit Slaughter with me in co-op. :slight_smile:

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Pls join faily. He’s an awesome player! Looking forward to that run!

Btw which character are you looking for to coop with?
Gaige or sal?

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Sal. Bandit vs. Krieg and Sal. I think sub 5 is possible there too. I got 6:21 solo with him there today. I need someone who plays Krieg to co-op with me.

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I would if I weren’t abroad. :confused:

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Faily I can’t join you for I haven’t played arenas for centuries and also for the lag. :*(
flou, Your dragons kill is amazing and after watching that, I decided to try this.

Hybrid Maya Vs OP0 Dragons in 1:04

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I might have a bit of time tonight (first thing tomorrow morning your time). Ping me if I’m on if you haven’t gotten anyone else before then.

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I tried sal vs op8 master gee using grogfist/bee with the nklo bonus of the worm. And I found that I cannot get a full overkill bonus in most cases ( even I once got a 999999k damage to kill the worm, I still don’t get a good bonus.) Only in few cases I got the 5 times damage increase of the nklo skill. Is that a bug or something? That’s really annoying. :frowning:

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4th place!
OP8 Bandit duo 6:53

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5th tho. :laughing: Because of our 5:12 run LOL.


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