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Woow dude, the slag RNG was insane!

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Great stuff guys.

Faster run

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Sal Vs OP0 Hyperius in 0.1sec

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Okay, so what’s the fastest time on op0 with Kreig and the Torgue Bar Tier 3? Specifically Reaper Kreig?

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As you can see, the OP0 Arenas leaderboard is almost completely uninhabited. So you can just go there and set the times. And there’s no special differentiation for builds on any leaderboard, unless it’s melee Zer0, of course.


So … I did a creative Bloodsplosion kill.

plays inception theme

I do realise that Bloodsplosion is banned, but I think you might want to take a closer look at this : if this is not allowed, then Salvador’s OP8 Pete kills have nothing to do in the Time Trials as well since it pretty much uses the same method (lure an enemy into the arena, kill it, start the fight and waste Pete). This also goes for many of the “cheap and broken” kills out there.

You fellas are the judges, what do you think ?

Edit : I ■■■■■■ up with the timer, started it when the red dot appeared and not when the health bar did. The actual time is 00:09:14

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This was so funny that I’m starting to consider this run as a Ultimate WR.

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That video certainly wins points for creative editing! Quite the mash-up (in more ways than one).

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Is bloodsplosion banned in general or just certain raids? It wouldn’t be too broken with certain bosses.

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Awesome setup for bloodsplosion pete. In fact, many kills on the leaderboard used pre stacking or got pre onkill. And I dont think bloodsplosion should be banned on pete. It’s a unique skill for krieg to get broken damage just like sal’s nklo, moneyshot. So why not use it?
However, it seems so unfair for those amazing krieg’s pete kill records if bloodsplosion is allowed. Indeed, bloodsplosion on pete is kind of cheap compared to those instant kill. (ex. sal’s pete kill needs a perfect ladyfist aim and that’s awful. Sal’s and krieg’s hyperius kill requires damage calculating , game mechanic and that’s why these kills are amazing.)
So I think for some certain bosses, maybe krieg’s kill can be divided in two categories just like zero. Maybe gun krieg and chuck/bloodsplosion krieg or something for hyperius, pete, vorac and dragons(just a thought).

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I’m gonna stick my neck out and be very hated but I’m gonna be real… Aren’t Kreig Bloodsplosion kills the fastest times? If someone can do it faster, they should have the right to. It’s the FASTEST way. Krieg torch builds don’t have world record times either, so it’s kinda pointless. And melee zero has his own time trials…


11/5 Fuel the Blood + Bloodsplosion + Shock Fastball is the fastest way you can kill Pyro Pete with Krieg, yeah. The thing is : the most popular way to kill Pete is with the Legendary Sickle + Rapier, and I’ll admit this is one of the cheapest Raid kills you can get because of the fact that you can just consistently waste Pete under 30 seconds. It’s not original and it doesn’t involve any kind of skill whatsoever (except maybe positioning, so the enemies don’t run off the Bloodsplosion radius).

But then again most Hyperius kills are just as cheap if not cheaper (except the Melee Zer0 one of course, which is freaking glorious), and some of the Sal kills are pretty ridiculous as well.

To be honest it’s not that hard to aim for Pete’s head, you just need decent tracking to get every bullet on spot. And then again that massive crit damage with the Bee and NKLO is pretty ridiculous as well.
Also this kill did require some damage calculating, I had to calculate if I could pile up enough damage with those Bloodsplosion chains to kill Pete with a single valve opened, and the fastest way to do so was with the Fastball, 11/5 Fuel the Blood and the Topneea to slag the bunch of enemies thanks to 5/5 Fuel the Fire.

Thanks for the feedback y’all, I really appreciate it ! :smile:

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3rd place (I think it’ll be 4th place soon XD )

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the problem is that you didnt show your BAR :confused: