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Yay, leaderboards updates are coming! :smiley:

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yeah…im more busy than i used to be. :frowning: also creating 4th/5th spot on the leaderboard is too stressful for me right now XD. But if someone wants to do it thats trustworthy i can give him/her the permission to edit it :slight_smile:

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And the thread is more active this year than it has ever been. I would like to help you with the leaderboards, but am able to do it only after a couple of days asI have some exams coming soon. And idk if I’m trustworthy enough, so up to people on the thread and you to decide.

P.S. the 2:15 Maya run on Vorac from @Juzhang666 should be replaced with the 2:33 (right?) one, as he used drop key (timecode 0:07) in the run that’s on the leaderboard.

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Yeah i realized that late. Was just excited for the kill. If i do post any other submissions i’ll make sure to show my BAR (i dont use BAR anyway). So its all good my dude.

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Concerning that bloodsplosion pete kill i made a poll about the whole Pete bloodsplosion thingy :slight_smile:

Edit: English now lol

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my maya vs hyperius ultimate raid needed a bit of an update (time is 8.5 or 8.6 sec couldnt get the exact time)

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The run is amazing! Although we have quote-unquote “problem” here. We have never encuntered Zer0 arena runs using CA pre-stacking. And the thread has no writen and no unwritten rules on pre-stecking CA for arenas. I consulted with @Boreshot, and although he decided that he would most probably say “no” to such a run, we thought this question is worth another poll. So here it is.

Should the CA pre-stacking be allowed for Arenas?

  • Yes
  • No

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If Gaige is allowed to prestack Anarchy, I feel Zer0 should be allowed to prestack CA. Even with prestacked CA its still a clearly skill-based strategy with the substantial limitations CA inflicts, it just significantly increases his speed potential.

This strategy is only actually viable for the gulag (and AFD, I think) as you need to pick up missions for the other arenas, if that helps.


I was literally writing the same thing ! :joy:

I’ll add this : Gaige’s Anarchy is WAAAY easier to handle, being easier to both stack and maintain (spam that Hyperion box near Eridium Blight New-U Station, and remove the “R” key from your keyboard). Not only Zer0’s pre-stacking doesn’t work on arenas where you have to talk to a mission giver, but it’s actually harder to pull off.

So I think it should be allowed.

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as long as the CA is not permanent.

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Well, yeah, true. That should be obvious.


Yup I used drop key on the 2:15 vorac kill. Thanks for pointing that out Faily, I totally wasn’t aware of that I guess.
Boreshot you could just remove my run, don’t bother to replace it with my older run or anything, I’ll redo it XD

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ok im sure you can pull off a comparable time again without it :slight_smile:

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And btw a huge shoutout to @FailyFailracer who will be helping me with updating the leaderboards and with everything else on this thread :slight_smile:

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Btw, I thought on the CA pre-stacking rules. And I came to conclusion that the full showcase of stacking process would be the best proof of the legitimacy of the stack count rather than fitting the stack cap. Plus I guess that the rule on pre-stacking for raids needs to be the prohibition on it for Pete, Dragons and Terra, because I don’t see anything bad with pre-stacking for Craw, Dexi and Gee.

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