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(Santa Söze) #1375

The Sandhawk was on its last pellet so got the 11/5 Money Shot buff, further boosted by swapping to the Lady Fist and Grog whose combined crit ( +800% and +200% ) multiplied the single critical hit. Plus a Bee doesn’t hurt :wink:

I’d like to see the math on that by the way…

(Waty) #1376

Terra has 18,008,549,380 hp.

(Pandora's Industrial Engineer) #1377

You missed Quick Draw’s 10% crit, and I assume the 0.35 is the OP level damage reduction? Nice kill.

(Waty) #1378

Thanks dude! I forgot the 10% critical bonus. 10% is just too small for Sal and hard to remind. lol
x0.35 is the 10 levels overpowered damage reduction. But lv82. Terra is still a joke for sal.


(Waty) #1380


(I’m Nat and just a Number.) #1382

waiting for Waty’s counter run. :wink::wink:

(Waty) #1383

(Waty) #1384

(Jack of all trades, master of one.) #1385

(Waty) #1386


OP8 Krieg vs OP8 Magic Slaughter in 11:03

(Jack of all trades, master of one.) #1388

The power of the Maliwan scope is with me.

(Dinafay) #1389

There you have it! thx bew <3

(Vanaria32) #1390

(LootHunter_twitch) #1391

is there not a specific time trial sheet set up for the Circle of Slaughters? I have no interest in raid ones, i prefer the mobbing ones.

(Jack of all trades, master of one.) #1392

Links to all the arena leaderboards as well as the rules are here. Quick reminder: The Bee is banned on OP 8 arenas as well, with the exception of Magic Slaughter, DIgistruct Peak and Appetite for Destruction.

(LootHunter_twitch) #1393

thnx. kinda would have made sense to put that lot in the OP… have some time on my hands, might dabble.

edit: just checked, OP0 is empty.

(Jack of all trades, master of one.) #1394

Yeah, no one really does OP0 arenas as of now, and this leaderboard is about to be reset.