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(Dinafay) #1398

OP8 Pete Bar duo in 1:35,462 with @bew_

(Bew_) #1399

OP8 Pete Bar duo in 1:35,462 with @Dinafay

(Dinafay) #1400

(Dinafay) #1401

I stick those here becouse they doesn’t figure in the TT’s my dudes
the terra kill 2nd place :wink:

(Jack of all trades, master of one.) #1402

Apologies, but the Gee kill isn’t legit because of CA glitch abuse.

(Dinafay) #1403

uhm okay, but in the rules says is allowed, excepting pete, terra and dragons right?
Aaaand… No worries my dude :wink:

(Jack of all trades, master of one.) #1404

Normal pre-stacking is allowed and you’re able to see such cases on the leaderboards. But your kill involves respeccing for the CA stacks not to drop when you enter the inventory or the vendor. As you can see none of the CA pre-stacked kills like yours on the leaderboard (if there are though, feel free to tell me about those). This is considered a glitch. Plus the full proof of stacking process isn’t shown there (which is one of the general rules on the CA stacking for raids).

(Dinafay) #1405

ohh… true! true! yeah i remember. Kay dont worry :wink: Only i can say is that when I made all those videos that rule wasn’t there. Thanks Faily :wink:

(Jack of all trades, master of one.) #1406

You shouldn’t worry as well, because this rule was unwritten up until lately.

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Oh my god. I did it. 3rd! Accidentally happy.:joy:

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Just wanted to put a very reliable and helpful website out here in case anyone needs it for some juicy TT action :

What it does is provide you with enemy stats aka HP, Shields, Resistances, Weaknesses and Non-Weapon Damage for every NPC including Raids at every level from 0 to 83.
Hope anyone finds all the information in there helpful for future runs !

Edit : it also has a Skill Damage Calculator (for things like Axton’s Turret Damage, Deathtrap’s abilities, Cloud Kill, Raving Retribution or Unf0rseen for our buddy @Jefe) if anyone is interested in that.

Character-based damage scaling with OP level
(Vanaria32) #1414