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Out of curiosity, why not use a blue class mod with +6 to two fang since you aren’t even specced into velocity or like the wind?

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Its what I had because I was just testing the concept :joy:

Only constructed a perfect one for the tinder kill, particularly because it became apparent that the TN was impt.

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Just saw that #4 and #5 places were added so I’ll submit those :

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Zero vs OP8 Terra in 11s

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Joltz said in his guide for soloing terra with op8 maya that swapping from a sandhawk to a lady fist makes the game take on certain aspects of the lady fist for the unlisted pellets. One of these things was the element. He said it was because of this that he used a fire lady fist but I noticed you used a slag one yet you used a fire BoA. Is there a reason you went with slag? Was he wrong about the unlisted pellets taking on the new guns element.