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("The first rule of Fight Club...") #1436

Co-op (2 man) vs. Ancient Dragons = 34 secs

(Retarded scavenger) #1437

Congratulations, @Sun_Tsunami and @Brantron! Runs timed and added!

(I’m Nat and just a Number.) #1438

Badass run.

Btw @FailyFailracer can we submit old runs for 4th and 5th. :wink:

(Retarded scavenger) #1439

If you see that your old runs can get there, then ofc. :smile:

(When 1 gun ain't powerful enough I got 2) #1440

If any1 can answear would be great for my sal kill I did about 2 weeks back is it legit is killing the cheif allowed or not ???

(Retarded scavenger) #1441

Sadly, I cannot allow this run to to be on the leaderboard. The reasons for that will be explained later in the post regarding the leaderboards update.

(When 1 gun ain't powerful enough I got 2) #1442

Cool I’ll just pull a scallion in instead :joy::joy:

(When 1 gun ain't powerful enough I got 2) #1443

Also @FailyFailracer are u still working on the leaderboards ??? Some of my ones have not been put up yet that’s all :slight_smile: Maya in praticular

(Retarded scavenger) #1444

As of now only Pete, Terramorphous and Hyperius left to fill the runs in on the Solo Raid leaderboard.

(When 1 gun ain't powerful enough I got 2) #1445

@FailyFailracer cool thanks :grinning::grinning:

(When 1 gun ain't powerful enough I got 2) #1446

Not the best but good enough I guess

("The first rule of Fight Club...") #1449

Great job Faily for taking on the Leaderboard manager. Total respect.

(Not the Hero of the Story) #1450

Hey guys!! So I did the thing again! Not as fast as my previous one…buuuut I showed BAR being off this time LOOOL.

Same build as before, and these are the times from start (boss health+dragon health+red dots) to the end where they disappear.

Start Time:

End Time:

So idk how I died at the end though, probably my slag grenade :confused: Also lool poor boost, he falls down and the proceeds to slide off the platform :wink:

So I was using Vanilla Plus, doesn’t change anything but visual stuff.

So let me know what ya guys thing :stuck_out_tongue:

(Retarded scavenger) #1451

From what I can see in your run, your game is modified, and I can’t be sure those modifications are purely visual, sadly.

(Not the Hero of the Story) #1452

True, was fun still =D I only used Vanilla Plus (that includes reskin and no damage numbers), and I guess a set command to teleport me to the alter.

(Retarded scavenger) #1453

I see, although I suggest you turn Vanilla plus off the next time you try, and you can still use those commands to get to the boss arena faster, as it is allowed by the rules. :slight_smile:

(Not the Hero of the Story) #1454

Sounds good, but vanilla plus shouldn’t be an issue, since it doesn’t change any game play variables?

(Gamechanger97) #1455

Well if it removes too much visual pollution it could give you an unfair advantage even if the changes are purely visual.


I fully trust @EternalEnigma, but damage values allow to determine if runs are cheated or not (for example by using damage from Bouncing Betty to determine if Grenade Damage was altered via Cheat Engine). I guess that’s why the run isn’t accepted. :man_shrugging:

(When 1 gun ain't powerful enough I got 2) #1457