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Ohhh wow so it is

(When 1 gun ain't powerful enough I got 2) #1519

I didnt notice lol I just wanted less than a second XD

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nice. my head hurts though. what’s your pov?

Also, I am waiting for the dexi kill with melee zero. :wink::wink:

(AbrubtDusty) #1522

my fov is 130 and hopefully melee zero VS dexi will be a thing ive done very soon :wink:

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Unfortunately, there is rather uncomfortable subject I must bring up now.
The research and calculations conducted by @Enderborn1 lead to the conclusion that some of @Giant_Fly’s runs contain fire damage increased through external means, i.e. third party software.

Here are the proofs and the results of the research:

Axton vs. OP8 Gee

Timecode : 5:42

2 Sand Hawk shots made, swap to the Lady Fist, without the Bee on, were enough to kill the Worm. According to this website, Master Gee’s Worms health equals 486M. Here is the calculation :

8 * (144520*1.54) * 2 * (1+8+0.54+0.1) * 3 * 1.75 * 1.39 * 0.45 = 169092196.945

169092196.945*2 = 338184393.89

338184393.89 < 486000000

Here is @abroubtdust20120’s application of this, showing this is impossible :

Unfortunately, this isn’t the only case of such damage inconsistency.

Zer0 vs. OP8 Gee :

Timecode : 3:46

Incendiary damage dealt by Kunai in this fragment greatly exceeds normal, meaning fire damage was increased via third party tools. Normal damage is shown here :

Gaige vs. OP8 Dragons

Norfleet’s projectile + 50% splash damage:

9197471 * 8 * 3 * 1.75 * 1.39 * 0.30 + 9197471 * 8 * 3 * 1.75 * 1.39 * 0.30 / 2
= 241626760

Screenshot from Giant Fly’s run showing the damage :

Application of the above calculations :

Gaige vs OP8 Voracidous

Timestamp included

Hail’s damage (projectile + splash):

245000 * 7.9125 * 3 * 1.75 * 1.39 * 0.35 + 245000 * 3 * 1.75 * 1.39 * 0.35 * 0.8
= 5451939

Damage in Giant Fly’s run:

Gaige vs. OP0 Voracidous

Giant Fly’s run:

Pokashine’s run:

Giant Fly’s damage screenshot (354 Anarchy):

Pokashine’s damage screenshot(366 Anarchy):

Gaige vs. OP0 Terramorphous

Lyuda’s damage (with bullet split):

249336 * 3 * 7.58 * 3 * 1.75 * 1.39 * 0.9
= 37238489

Damage screenshot from Giant Fly’s run:


Everything mentioned above allows to conclude that due to the case of cheating all of @Giant_Fly’s runs must be removed from the leaderboards. But before doing so, I would really like to see his explanation of this.

P.S. As some of you may know, there is an option in CE to increase the ricochet chance and there is no way to detect it, which puts under suspicion all of Giant Fly’s Gaige arena runs.

P.P.S. Huge thanks to @Enderborn1 for putting all the effort into researching those cases and being observative. Also thanks to @abroubtdust20120 for testing regarding Axton vs. OP8 Gee run. And credits to @tdh199886 for initially calculating damage for Axton vs. OP8 Gee run and noticing that it cannot reach the damage cap.

P.P.P.S. What should be done to @Giant_Fly after removal of his runs from the leaderboard should be up to the community of the Time Trials. I only ask you all one thing, please don’t have this devolve into a drama and don’t start the witch hunt, as those are the last things we need in the thread.

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. :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:.

@Boreshot, @bew_, @StrikerZidane and others can comment, maybe?


@Boreshot and @bew_ are already aware of it. But everyone needs to see this, as this is the first case of cheating in Time Trials history. We need to make this right.

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I just in the process of updating the thread i made regarding the “who is the best raid boss killer”, since i got inspired by the patchnotes of faily. Significant changes are the runs of fly and waty, guess i should scrap it now.


wow I didn’t see this coming…well cheating is unacceptable! They should try to redo as many of the runs as they can without any cheats to cleanse their sins! would love to see how they can perform without using them

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How sad it is… I loved that guy runs
And I think he is a great player no matter what like… he could have done all of this legit pretty sure of it, so it make me go uhmmm really

(When 1 gun ain't powerful enough I got 2) #1529

I don’t want to take sides as I have not been here very long but is it possible it’s a miss calculation as it’s only 1 kill check a few others then dicide if he/she is cheating or not

(When 1 gun ain't powerful enough I got 2) #1530

Ok just noticed it’s on a few occasions but don’t wipe all off his records some could be ligit

(AbrubtDusty) #1531

me and @Enderborn1 calculated many many times and tested many many times on all the 6 runs found to be cheated and even with the exact same setup we were always short on damage

(When 1 gun ain't powerful enough I got 2) #1532

Ohhh ok ye I guess thats fair enough but like it’s just weird knowing that 1 off if not even the top gaige players is actually a cheater

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On to more positive news

Rule changes:

  • Stacking prohibition on Headhunters is no more active.
  • The rules on the Bee for OP8 TTs have been written.
  • Watchtower spawns in Gulag don’t count towards completing the map.
  • Launcher use (except for the low lvl slag launchers) outside of FFYL is now prohibited in Pete’s Bar
  • It became a written rule that the low lvl slag rocket launchers can be used outside of FFYL for utility purposes.

Due to the rule changes the following runs on OP8 Pete’s Bar have been removed from the leaderboard:

  • Demonite Maya vs. Pete’s Bar
  • Demonite Axton vs. Pete’s Bar
  • Johnrr6 Axton vs. Pete’s Bar.
  • Demonite Krieg vs. Pete’s Bar

Important announcement! The OP0 Arenas leaderboard has been cleaned up, revived with the new ruleset, which can be found here, and is awaiting for the new submissions!

(Boreshot) #1534

A huge thank you for all the work you put into the investigation of this situation. @abroubtdust20120 @Enderborn1 @FailyFailracer


It was my pleasure. :smile:
I don’t know what people want but I know what they deserve : the truth.

(When 1 gun ain't powerful enough I got 2) #1536

You can’t handle the truth XD

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I’ll accept a 4th place that is way behind 3rd if you’ll have me